Discount: Shop Fox D2255 8-Inch Wood Vise

Shop Fox D2255 8-Inch Wood Vise

Shop Fox D2255 8-Inch Wood Vise
Durable cast iron and chrome plated, cold rolled steel wood vises feature precision machined casting and perfectly aligned guide bars. 6″ vise has 5 3/4″ throat capacity, 6 1/2″ vise has 7 3/4″ throat capacity, 8″ vise has 8″ throat capacity and 10″ vise has a 9″ throat capacity.

  • 8-Inch vise has 8-Inch throat capacity

List Price: $ 41.60

Price: $ 50.00

Ron supplies a video tour of his mobile wood shop.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jtm
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    Shopfox Vices, March 18, 2011

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    I bought 2 of the 8 inch vices for a workbench I built from recycled materials. My project goal was to build a sturdy bench for $100 or less, which I accomplished.

    The vices are OK for the price I paid, but they do have some issues. First the the mounting bracket is not machined square to the face jaws. So when you mount the vice it looks good but the vice holds a piece of wood out of plumb with the bench. Why is this a problem? When using a hand plane you will plane a board out of square if the piece is not level with the bench your are using. This happens because you will instinctively level a board to the horizontal plane of the bench. I fixed this problem by using shims under the mounting brackets. Now all boards held in the vice are plumb with the bench surface.

    The second issue is the machining of the vice ball screw. The tolerances are a bit sloppy and because of this when clamping a board you can see the mouth (top part of the vice) doesn’t close as tightly as the bottom (next to the ball screw.) This can be fixed by planing your wood inserts on a slight bevel make the inserts slightly thicker on top than the bottom. That way, when you apply pressure, the jaws will move but will now hold the board securely because the both faces of the jaws will be parallel.

    In spite of these issues, the vices give you a lot of value for the money. Most wood workers can use them for holding material for sawing, drilling, etc. without any problems. That said, if you use hand tools like planes to true up your boards, take the time to adjust the vice as I mentioned above. The vices are sturdy and I expect to get years of service from them.

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  2. cridl
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    fox 8″ wood vise, December 8, 2009

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    This review is from: Shop Fox D2255 8-Inch Wood Vise (Tools & Home Improvement)

    Very quick shipping on this item even with free shipping. I had to tighten up the guides before using. Vise works very well after installing on bench. I would recommend.

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  3. Martin Finster

    I had a miniature version of this in my longbed pickup and would have liked to have had your rig back in the days of my old house restoration in Atlanta. Nice, simple, rugged features you have set up. Clean, too. A liftgate! I like your attention to ergonomic details, a particular pursuit of mine. Great job on the video as well, flowed quickly and showed all the important highlights. A job in itself, as I’m sure you already know!

  4. theforge69

    Thank you very much for the answer Ron. I was perhaps not entirely clear. Not much space here. I do have your Sketchup model and I am working to learn that tool now. Pretty amazing tool. And a fantastic model. I was able to scale the base drawer cabinets this last Saturday. I asked what I did here because even though I could scale the model I couldn’t tell from looking at the computer screen if they would be “useable”. I think what I will do at this point is make a 12″ one and just see. ?

  5. Ron Paulk

    If you use SketchUp you can search the SketchUp Warehouse for “Paulk Mobile Woodshop” and download a detailed model that you can modify to meet your particular needs. I have built a variety of depths depending on my needs. I think 12″ would work fine.

  6. theforge69

    Great job Ron! I have watched it a few times trying to gather as many ideas as I could. I am looking to just build a work shop in my garage but it is a 1 car and pretty limited in space. I was wondering about making these same drawer/base cabinets but only 12″ rather than 18″ deep. It just seems this might be a little too shallow and produce drawers that are not serviceable and I wondered if you had tried narrower or had any advice on how deep really is right? Thanks!

  7. Keith Reid

    Good Job Ron……When getting to the Job it can take up to an hour setting up and keeping away your kit,,, The way you have laid out your truck eliminates the time and allows you to get more done during the working day……

  8. Ron Paulk

    16′ Ford F-550

  9. RetrotechBuilt

    Excellent use of space. What size and model of box truck are you using? Thanks!

  10. sutrulle

    Nice job. Must say.

  11. TheAllenwiggins

    Correction 7′ tall not 8′.

  12. TheAllenwiggins

    Ron, I recently purchased a 16×8.5x8tall cargo trailer. I am wanting to duplicate what you have here. Do you recommend setting it up as a mobile work trailer or simply just for tool storage?

  13. FlashmoreGash

    Simply stunning!

  14. Ron Paulk

    My vest is Skillers, which is an Australian brand.

  15. TheAllenwiggins

    Hey Ron,
    What brand is your work/nail vest?

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  17. Jim Mitchell

    Ron the sound on this video is off…. I checked my settings and unless I am missing something they are fine. I get sound for the advertising leading up to the video you pop up and I can just start to hear your voice. Help…

  18. zeratul575

    know whats really cool, even a hobbyist can use this vid as inspiration to really make there workshop organized

  19. Patrick Gresham

    very nice! congrats

  20. weathermaker91

    this guy has got a Festool mitre saw, in his trailer…… friggin eh

  21. Mike Taron

    That is an awesome, well thought out design. A great companion for it would be the HideAhorse sawhorses (do a web search) because they are so compact when folded. I’ve also looked at your modular work table and love it. Great work!

  22. bp092

    Excellent mobile shop, really interesting ideas with maximizing your limited space and securing stuff for driving. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Mike Azulay

    I was wondering if you could tell me the dimensions of the cabinets that hold your air guns and stuff. You said that you came up with the idea 15 years ago…. I am just really interested in the height and depth that you have found fork well with most guns and such….thanks

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