May/June 2013 Issue Preview

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May:June CoverSummertime is a chance to get out of the shop now and then, and the new June 2013 print issue of Woodworker's Journal will give you several good reasons to get out and explore -- whether it's a new lumberyard or your back yard.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find in the new summer issue.

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The Way to Woodwork: Woodworking’s Critical Path (CD) from Woodworker’s Journal

As you follow the Critical Path Ian Kirby has identified as the step-by-step way to learning woodworking, you’ll gain understanding of your tools, whether it’s a hand plane, table saw or router, and your materials, from solid wood (plainsawn, quartersawn and more) to manufactured materials. Kirby, trained in the British Arts & Crafts tradition, also provides you with a history of this movement, plus the details of making dovetails, and instructions for frame and panels, drawers, doors and torsion boxes. Some of the lessons contained on this CD include:Understanding DrawingsCalculating Board FeetIdentifying Flatsawn, Riftsawn and QuartersawnUnderstanding Wood DistortionMaking Butt JointsAdding Biscuits and SplinesGluing and Clamping ProceduresMeasuring Tools and How They WorkMortise and Tenon JointsHand-Cut Joints: DovetailMachine-Cut JointsJigs and Assembly AidsTapering and CarvingMaking DrawersHardware OptionsHow a Plane WorksTable Saw SafetyGuiding Your RouterFull-size Mock-upsIntroduction to DrawingsVeneeringParts of a TreeMoisture Content and DistortionWhite Oak BookcaseArts & Crafts TableSofa TableFrame and Panel ChestFrame and Panel DoorsPerfect Dovetails Plus more! Follow in the footsteps of a master woodworker on the Critical Path to learning woodworking.
List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 19.99

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