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Question by James: How to restore computer completely?
I have an old computer and all of the ports have stopped working (usb, sound etc) except mouse and keyboard and the screen connector port. no internet no sound no usb no nothing. I have tried the restore to earlier point and the f10 at beginning but my disc has errors it says so i cant and when i try and fix errors it fails or freezes so there is no way the restore option will work. i am running windows vista acer computer. is there a way to physically restore or a command prompt option that will ignore that disc has errors messege?

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Answer by CanadaRAM
If the disk has errors that means that the hard drive is failing and will quit completely, more sooner than later.

You do not want to restore to a failing disk. You want to (1) backup everything to another disk and (2) replace the hard drive.

Then use the DVD that came with the machine to restore to the new hard drive, then move your backed up data to the new drive. If you didn’t create a restore DVD when you first got the machine it may be too late now. You should be able to order restore disks from the manufacturer.

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    • Ernie B
    • April 27, 2013

    Noooooo. The data you are trying to restore is on the hard drive. If the hard drive error is preventing you form accessing the data on the hd, you are SOL.

    To possibly repair the hd error you will need:

    a working CD drive or a working USB port and the ability to boot from the CD or USB drive

    remove the drive from the computer and either:
    Install the drive as a secondary drive in a working computer, or
    attach the drive to a USB to hd adapter.

    In either case run chkdsk /r on the drive. You might get lucky. Otherwise, the it’s format and reinstall windows

    Good Luck

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