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Question by : Cutting a circle into a tin can?
I want to cut a 4 inch diameter hole into a tin can (not a soda can by the way, a sturdy food can), but I can’t fingure out how to do it.

The can has a 7 inch diameter and again I want the hole to be 5 inches.

I have tried knocking smaller holes with a hammer and nail in a circle, then cutting between them, but this is messy, awkward, and dangerous as it’s so sharp. I even tried a stanley knife, but the metal was way too tough to slice.
I thought maybe some kind of metalworking drill bit would be the answer, but I can’t seem to find anything that looks like it would work
Anyone have any ideas on how to do it?

Best answer:

Answer by Joe
A tool called a “nibbler” would work. Google “nibbler tool” for pictures and sources.

A nibbler can cut irregular openings in metal, and will work on a curved surface. For your task, I think I’d cut a paper circle, and glue it to the can as a guide. Then, drill a starter hole, and work your way around with the nibbler.

It’s slow, but won’t distort the metal. Work carefully and you won’t have to do much to remove any remaining burrs.

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    • RobertB
    • April 27, 2013

    Not sure if you are cutting a hole in the end or on the side of the can? If on the end I would find the center of the 4-5 inch hole and use a nail set or center punch to get a dimple to start. Then draw a circle the diameter you want for a guide. Drill the largest hole you can in the center to start. Then I would use a saber saw to cut the hole out. It will make some noise and make sure you use a metal cutting blade. If on the side do it the same way only a little harder to cut the hole. Another idea would be to drill the hole so that one side of it is right on the big circle that you want to cut and then use the saber saw to cut the large hole.
    I don’t have a nibbler.
    If you are not picky about the diameter you can buy hole saws that will cut large diameter holes. This would probably easier. Like one used to drill a hole for a dryer vent.

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