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The editors of American Woodowrker visit the and booth at AWFS 2009.

Rockler Anti-Slip Coating

Adding safety and security to areas from floors to miter fences is as easy as painting with our Anti-Slip Coating. Simply roll on the coating with an opencell foam roller in one direction, allow to dry, then roll on a second coat in the opposite direction. It works on virtually any surface (even a porous surface) as long as it is clean and dry. The coating stays permanently elastic and flexible. Use on work surfaces to help hold projects in place. Non-flammable. Gray. Covers approximately 12 Sqaure Feet per pint.Sold in pints.
List Price: $ 19.59
Price: $ 5.99

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Question by justwondering6400: whats a good way to make a 3 inch hole half way through a board?
right now I am using a router but that isn’t very precise and takes a while. what I am trying to do is make a circle 3 inches in diameter about 1/4 inch deep, into a board that is 1 inch thick. any idea’s?

Best answer:

Answer by Joey s
forstner bits are good for that kind of stuff but Im not sure if you can get one that big. If you have a 3 inch hole saw you could drill that into the board a quarter inch, and than cut the rest out with a router than you would itleast have a precise circle outline to go by.

edit: yes the pilot bit would go all the way, sorry I wasnt very specific but what I meant to say was use it in a drill press with no pilot.

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    • kay
    • April 30, 2013

    Sounds like router and template time to me.

    • rhsaunders
    • April 30, 2013

    Use a hole saw. The pilot bit on a hole saw will ordinarily penetrate all the way through, but if this is objectionable, you can get a hole saw with an adjustable pilot bit that will extend only slightly farther than the main kerf.

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