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Price: $ 16.99

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Question by armanisk8r: how can i make a wooden bowl?
my girlfriend said something about how she has always wanted an old wooden bowl made by hand. i looked online and saw that antique bowls are kinda expensive. Consequently, I have it in my head that i can make her one instead. I thinking this could be a summer project. what do i need, or maybe, do you know of an instruction website for a project like this? i will be grateful for any help!

p.s. i have almost no experience with wood work, but i am a fast learner!

Best answer:

Answer by Wood Master
You need a lathe and various gouges to shape a bowl.

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    • dearylou
    • May 2, 2013

    I just found a step by step guide online on hand carving a bowl, but this method uses power tools.
    I’d check out the book below for hand carving, or check your local fine woodworking store. Sounds like a great summer project! Not easy, but fun.

    Here’s a cool hand carving bowl book:
    Two fine woodworking stores:
    Here are some great carving tools for hand carving and the lathe :
    ps-It seems to me it can be about as easy or as hard as you decide. I saw guys down in the Belizean jungle carving bowls with 2 tools and some sand paper and some oil to finish it. So I think if you want to do it it is completely possible.

    • Michael C
    • May 2, 2013

    Unless you plan on taking up woodworking as a hobby, you would be better off just to buy her a bowl. The tools would probably set you back more money than a buying a couple dozen bowls. That’s why they are expensive.

    • Steve in NC
    • May 2, 2013

    I totally agree with Michael. Even if you go buy all the tools you will need (which will cost you several thousand dollars) it will still take you a long time to learn to make a really nice bowl. It’s much harder than it looks. You can see someone working on a lathe and think “that looks pretty easy” WRONG!! It’s very difficult, especially nice bowls.
    So, if you want to become a woodworker go for it, If not, look on Ebay for a good deal on an antique bowl!!
    Good luck.

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