Cars for Cash

English: A yellow mustang (car) for sale

This article is all about selling your cash for cars.

Why sell your car?

Well, for one thing, you may have a need for some emergency cash. Of course, getting rid of a car without a backup plan (i.e. – buying another one) would be silly. So, we’re assuming here that you would be selling it in order to raise money to buy a new car.

How should you sell it?

The first thought that comes to mind is word-of-mouth. You can tell friends that your car is up for sale, and if they run across someone in the market for a car, they can tell the hopeful purchaser about it.

The next thought that comes to mind is the bulletin board you may have at work, or perhaps at a local grocery store or laundrymat. I’ve seen many cars advertised on posters or cards at various locations on bulletin boards.


To get a broader reach, you need to advertise in some fashion. Most newspapers have a section with used autos for sale, but I’m not a fan of the prices they usually charge for ads like this. Craigslist and/or Backpage (or some other online advertising venue) are better because they have pretty good reach and they are free.

Be careful, though, there’s a lot of scammers that target these online advertising “magazines”. Always tread lightly when communicating with potential buyers.


So, there you have it. A few thoughts about selling cars for cash. I hope you enjoyed it.

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