Essential Tools for Summer Yard Work

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Homeowners spend a lot of time doing yard work in the summer and as a result, often require some of the best tools on the market for getting things done more efficiently. If you are a homeowner in search of some essential yard work tools, consider some of the following:

Pruning. Power level, easy-reach pruners have long handles available in 15 or 25 inches and are durable and strong enough for doing chores throughout the day. These are great for pruning roses and other thorny and dense plants. The design enables you to safely reach into such thick flora to prune, and the bypass blade provides a very smooth and clean cut. This tool can be purchased for around $20 to $35 dollars in most retailers across the United States.

Hosing. It is important to keep your water hose safe and in good condition so that it is less prone to cracks and tears. Suncast is a developer that offers water pressure-powered hose reels that are easy to install and provides great value for new homeowners. These are essential if you have really long hoses, and it allows you to take some of the manual labor out of your yard work. Most of the hose reels built by Suncast are able to hold up to 100-foot hoses, and in some cases, even longer. These hoses operate on just normal household water pressure and will quickly rewind the hose with a simple push of a button or lever. These hose reels can usually be purchased for about $130 at select retailers.

Transportation. If you are going to be moving around gravel, heavy logs or sticks, sand or dirt, then a high

Garden cartsquality and durable lawn cart will be of much use to you. The Ames Easyroller lawn cart is a good choice that is 4 cubic feet with big wheels and is easy to maneuver. The roll is smooth and the structure of the wheels provides great, overall stability. While motorized lawn carts are available as well, many of them are underpowered for moving heavy loads or are simply too expensive for the average consumer. However, this type of lawn cart can come in handy for a variety of yard projects, and is priced around $90 dollars – a smart investment for almost any household.

Cultivation. Cultivators for soil blending are a must if you are going to be doing any gardening since you will need to aerate soil or control weeds. The old school method usually involved a manual cultivator but now there are many affordable gas and electric units that are excellent for blending and mixing fertilizers.  Ryobi is but one of many companies that offer these gas cultivators and are generally priced around $120 – $200 dollars. Homeowners with substantial garden work this summer should definitely pick one up if – the ease of work will be worth the investment.

English: John Deere LX 279 riding mower (lawn ...Towing and tractor. For those of you with more spacious yards that may be hard to walk around and work on, there is the Gator CS Utility Vehicle. Made by John Deere, this utility vehicle has an automatic transmission and can tow up to six-hundred pounds in addition to the four-hundred pounds it can already carry in its cargo box. The Gator CS also features turf-friendly tires that won’t tear up or damage your lawn. It features a home owner-friendly design that’s ideal for home maintenance, gardening projects, post-storm clean up, and a multitude of other yard projects. The Gator CS Utility Vehicle goes for about $3,999 at John Deere and respective retailers.

Sweepers. Any yard maintenance enthusiast worth their salt needs a good outdoor sweeper because brooms were not made for mother-nature. If you are on the search for a good outdoor sweeper, SpinSweep makes a great one called the SpinSweep Hard-Surface Outdoor Sweeper. The SpinSweep can clean asphalt, concrete, wood, or any other hard outdoor surface. It collects any grass clippings, mulch, rocks, gravel, sand, leaves, mulch, dirt, or any other debris that might be tarnishing your beautiful outdoor surface. The SpinSweep can be acquired at Hoover and for about $99-$279. It is battery operated and motor free, and it does not run on fuel. The sizeable six-gallon E-Z Empty translucent collection bin is made to be emptied with one hand, leaving your other hand free of debris and open to hold a cold beverage of your choice.

Planters. One last lawn care product that is very useful for gardeners is the Bulb Hound Garden Planter.  The Bulb Hound makes planting and transporting bulbs simple, and the leverage gained from working in an upright position lets you plant an entire garden of bulbs at a consistent depth. This product is available at Hound Dog Products and will run you around $25-$30.

John Gower is a writer for NerdWallet, a website dedicated to helping consumers save money with the best CD rates and low-fee checking accounts, so they can focus on projects to improve their home and lawn.

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