Rockler Adjustable Table Featherboard The full story has photos and more details such as pricing.

Rockler Pitch & Resin Remover

Technical Details:Pitch & Resin Remover is easy to use.Spray and coat thoroughly all surfaces. Let stand 5-8 minutes prior to using a cloth, brush or steel wool to remove residue. 1 quart concentrate makes 1 gallon of remover when mixed 1 part to 3 parts water, or can be used full strength if necessary.A shallow baking pan works well for soaking saw blades, plane knives and other flat cutting instruments.Use a jar-shaped container for soaking router bits, shaper cutters and drill bits.When buildup is heavy, re-apply as necessary.This solution may be sprayed to reach crevices and locations where additional cleaning is required.Dry tools thoroughly to avoid rusting while in storage.CAUTION: Not intended for consumption. If ingested, rinse mouth, give water and seek medical attention. Persons with allergic reactions should wear gloves to avoid skin contact. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.What’s in the Box? (1) Rockler Pitch & Resin Remover
List Price: $ 10.99
Price: $ 10.99

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Question by seerofseers: How do I repair my sagging dining room table. The leaves are sagging down and I am looking for new supports.?
I could use two new expanding supports that seperate the main tabole into two, then this allows me to lace two additional leaves in the middle of the table.

Best answer:

Answer by 80’s kid
My fix would depend on how often you want the leaves to fold down. If you never need them to fold down, there’s a ton of different metal brackets you could attach under the table where the bend is in the leaves.
If you do want to fold them down occasionally, I would suggest going to a hardware store and buying to bolt-action door latches and attach 2 on each side, under the fold in the leaves. This will allow you to latch them closed when the leaves are upright, and unlatch them when you want to fold them down.

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6 Responses to “Rockler Adjustable Table Featherboard”

  1. jacktd3

    I got one of these from my grandfather, and I can’t wait to buy another.

  2. pwashington99

    That featherboard works with all contractor style saws including Craftsman, I have an olf Craftsman 100 and the Rockler expansion bars work great, And very very tough! But Craftsman miter slots are tighter (Smaller) then most other slots, Not sure why but this is how to get around that.

  3. ForvoQuizlet

    I’ve got a Craftsman saw that has never worked with the standard miter slot sizes these devices are designed for. Curses again!

  4. thintz12

    What snowdog 90210 said. A point here is that many use a plastic miter bar that also expands but the metal one used by Rockler is much more expensive to manufacturer but lasts way longer.

  5. snowdog90210

    The knob tightens a tapered screw through a tapered hole in the metal bar. As you tighten the knob, the middle of the bar spreads out and tightens against the sides of the miter slot.

  6. Bobs MonOncle

    There are a whole variety of them here:

    Pick out your size need and other options (equalizing, metal vs. wood, etc.) Just pick something closest to what you have now.

    Once you pick your style, click on their “more info” and you will get a tech sheet on installation instructions, detailed dimensions, etc.

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