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Question by Ninaangela: A cobble-sized sediment is naturally broken off the steep sides of a valley in a mountainous region.?
The sediment falls onto a glacier that occupies much of the valley.Over several ,the sediment”falls through” the glacier and is then dragged along the glacier’s bottom. Next, the sediment is deposited in a pile debris at the end of the glacier.A few years later,the sediment becomes part of a sand dune many miles from the glacier.The sediment is then transported to a stream from which,after a few months,it is deposited in a delta out in the ocean.Finally,the sediment becomes part of a child’s sand castle on a beach tens of miles from the delta.

a.- What natural cause broke the sediment off the side of the valley?

b.- What is the most likely shape of the sediment just after it fell onto glacier?Explain the answer.

c.-Explain how the sediment can be considered a “tool”or aid to erosion while it is in the glacier and describe a landscape feature the sediment could help create.

d.- Explain how the sediment could have naturally moved from the delta to the beach

e.- Describe three likely changes in the appearance of sediment as it was transported from valley wall to the beach,and indicate the cause or causes of the changes.

f.- Based on your reading of the above paragraph,list five natural agents,of erosion that could have been responsible for the sediment.

g.- What evidence in the paragraph suggests that a human was agent erosion for the sediment

h.- Tell how the sediment would most likely end up in a sand dune to natural processes

Best answer:

Answer by Angus
Wow, that was a big question.
A. Rocks are broken down over time by wind and rain, eventually they break apart as is the case here.
B. The rock is likely very jagged, lots of sharp edges and points.
C. The ice of the glacier can be compacted and broken easily where as the rock is stronger and can carve the landscape apart more than the ice can. This could create valleys and many other terrain features.
D. Well as the rock is broken down into smaller pieces those pieces become less heavy and therefore can be moved by wind and rain, which would lead them to the delta.
E. When the rock fell it was large and jagged. As it moved down the glacier it got smaller and rounder as it was worn away by other objects and the weather. Lastly it breaks apart into individual grains of sand due to more erosion from a variety of sources.
F. Rain, Wind, Gravity, , other rocks. About the gravity and sunlight, the force of gravity would pull the rock through the glacier and move the glacier downhill. The sunlight would melt the glacier and create water to move the rock.
G. Well the child is building a sand castle which would break apart any small clumps that still remain but most of the rock at this point is in individual grains of sand.
H. That what the paragraph was about.

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