Rockler Dovetail Jig Combo Review

A video showing the features and use of ’s .

Rockler Double Featherboard

Features two easy-to-grip locking knobs that safely position featherboard in place.Unique, expandable miter track bars provide maximum holding power.For use with table saws, router tables, drill presses – any tool with a standard miter slot.
List Price: $ 32.99
Price: $ 32.99

Rockler on Amazon:

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Rockler 1/4”-20 Cam Clamp for Woodworking Jigs
Exclusive cam clamps give you quick release capability for clamping jigs and fixtures. Choose from 1/4″-20 or 5/16″-18; for use wi…

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Question by Josibops: I have a stationary chair I want to make a swivel. How can I attach a heavy duty swivel to?
The only framing is on the perimeter of the bottom of the chair. There are only springs and fabric in between that.

Best answer:

Answer by thewrangler_sw
Well, I’d say you’ve got a few choices…
The simplest approach would be to simply purchase a swiveling seat pad. Many medical supply stores carry one version or another of these. These are often used in autos, for example, to help folks get in and out of the vehicle.

Your next simplest approach would be to use a large ‘lazy susan’, or swivel ring, like these from Rockler –
With these, you would make a plywood base, to attach to the bottom of the chair, which would set over the swivel ring. A second layer of ply would protect the floor … so … you’d have, from bottom up.. plywood, swivel ring, plywood, chair base/legs. These swivel bases come in different sizes and weight ratings… on the Rockler site, you can click on ‘More Information’ to see the weight ratings for each of those they carry.

Finally, the last approach would involve some carpentry skills. You can take the legs, or frame apart, and add some structural support across them, and a low profile chair swivel.
Some of these come with a slight tilt, or a combination of swivel and rocker mechanism. Here are some examples –
Ive used some of these to attach wood chair seats to wood stools, to make swiveling bar stools, and the rocker/swivel on a living room chair.

Have Fun

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    • malanga13
    • May 31, 2013

    I have the same situation. I have had the same rig he got for 5 years, and I’ve yet to make a single project with it, no matter what I do, it never works! It also came without anything. I just cannot believe that he was able to tap them together and that’s it. Mine cuts never fit into each other, ever. I wish someone would write a good, step by step, illustrated instruction on how to use this unit.

    • 17jflor
    • May 31, 2013

    I believe left to right is the way to go

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