Renaissance Woodworker on the Rockler Dust Right System

Renaissance Woodworker on the Rockler Dust Right System

Buzz Saw Guest Blogger Shannon Rogers of Renaissance Woodworker reviews the Rockler Dust Right dust collection system.

Rockler 3/4″ Zinc Pipe Extension

No need to buy those long pipes that you only use once in a blue moon; now you can combine your regular pipe clamps and get extra-long lengths! Just insert it into the ends of two pipes and tighten down. Special ribbed firmly grip the inside of the pipe, so there’s no need for threads. The tailpiece assembly slides right over the extender onto the other pipe. When you’re done, the extender can be removed in seconds! Since your normal clamps serve double-duty, it’s a great way to money and shop space. Fits 3/4″ zinc pipe.
List Price: $ 12.99
Price: $ 12.99

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new 1/4″ thick aluminum plates all measure 8-1/4″ x 11-3/4″ – the exact size of our redesigned HPL router table’s plate open…

Rockler Miter Slot Hardware Kit
Make your own jigs and hold-downs! Excellent for attaching featherboards, hold-downs and special jigs to your table saw, router ta…

50” All In One Low-Profile Contractor Clamp
Wide lever handles and a click-lock sliding jaw make it simple to position and secure these clamps for use as a straight edge guid…

Rockler on eBay:

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Question by Jason K: What is a Good Way to Get Started in Woodworking?
I am interested in woodworking, but don’t know how or where to get started. I would like to start with the very basics and work my way up. I am also interested in any good books on the subject, any tool lists for the beginning woodworker, any good online resources, etc.


Best answer:

Answer by Mr. bill
First you should go get yourself some wood.

Give your answer to this question below!

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    • stonejr74
    • June 4, 2013

    where do you get your bags at?

    • Gungnir
    • June 4, 2013

    Start with very simple jobs, like just cutting a piece of wood, and sanding it. Toys are a nice way to start. When you feel you can do it, try out different tools and more difficult jobs, like joining.

    • Dreamcatcher
    • June 4, 2013

    Maybe you should get a job with someone who is a carpenter. You WILL learn more by watching and doing than any book. Also, as a hobby you could build something in your spare time.

    • delphinium
    • June 4, 2013

    Take some night classes at a vocational school, so you can learn to operate woodworking tools safely. Read books and magazines, too.

    A good online resource is:
    There is an online community of woodworkers who will be happy to answer your questions, and offer suggestions.

    • Leo L
    • June 4, 2013

    I have a couple of ideas. First, check with the continuing education programs in your area. Many of them offer classes in carpentry and woodworking. Second, subscribe to “Fine Woodworking,” a great magazine that is published by Taunton Press. You can check their website for more info. The mag has articles on all types of projects. It is read by many craftsman that I know. Your Library may subscribe, or have other books of interest. Last, find a woodworkers’ supply store in your area. I use Rockler, in MA. Go in on a weekday, when they are not busy, and get one of the guys to adopt you. Stop in regularly, spend a little money each time, and build your shop and experience.

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