228 PC Rotary Tool Accessories Kit w/Wooden Case Fits Dremel

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Question by nadaklan: I’m thinking about getting a dremel. Any suggestions on which one to get?
I would like to spend less than $ 30 if at all possible. I’d probably want to cut, sand, and carve with it mainly. Making small props and doll house type things. I would probably want one with a cord, batteries need replacing over time. I was also wondering if a dremel could be used to twist wire for armatures and stuff. Is it even powerful enough to drill? I don’t know much about them at all. Thanks for your time.

Best answer:

Answer by Diane B.
A Dremel is one brand of electric “ tool.” It’s the most famous brand, but there are others.

Rotary tools are plenty strong enough to drill (actually they’re fast enough, since they’re low torque but high speed), as well as able to carve, cut, sand, buff, etc., and I think you could twist wire but rotary tools often have a “collet” or collar for holding at least the smaller bits and that might not work as well as a regular drill (perhaps there’s now a universal chuck?).

Rotary tools are very handy if you’ll be doing certain kinds of things, and even the simplest kits come with a variety of bits for carving, sanding, cutting various materials, etc., but you may have to buy other bits at times for certain types of things.

You can read more about Dremels and other rotary tools on this page of my site, and check out the other links there for more info if you’re interested:
(…click on the category called Dremels & Drills…)


Diane B.

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