On sale: Lufkin C9212 1/2-Inch x 12-Foot Mezurall Chrome Clad Tape

Lufkin C9212 1/2-Inch x 12-Foot Mezurall Chrome Clad Tape

Lufkin C9212 1/2-Inch x 12-Foot Mezurall Chrome Clad Tape
Blade Length (-Inch): 12 -Feet Blade Style: A8 Case Color: Blade Finish: Chrome Replacement Blade Cat No. : None Blade Width (-Inch): 1/2 -Inch.

  • 1/2-Inch 12-Feet Chrome Clad blade
  • Ideal for industrial use
  • Chrome plated case
  • Hard chrome plated blade is tough and accurate
  • Power retraction operation

List Price: $ 33.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B002A68J6O”]

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Question by Fred: When measuring total current using a DMM and a power source, do I have to open the circuit somewhere?
Also, is it the same procedure for measuring current through a single resistor?

Thanks for your time and effort people!

Best answer:

Answer by Bony

Assume that you have a 1A load connected
to a DC output PSU.
To read the 1A current you must
arrange the circuit so that the
Connect the DMM in series with the limb of the
circuit whose current you wish to measure.

Set DMM mode switch to DC Amps, next range > 1A.
This means breaking/opening the circuit, usually
near the + terminal of a DC supply.
The ‘break’ leaves two circuit ends, connect your
DMM to these, keeping + of meter to + of supply.
Yes, same method as for measuring
current through resistor.

You may also learn about a grip or clamp-on
ammeter, which does not require circuit breaking,
which electromagnetically detects the
dc or ac current in a conductor.

By contrast voltmeters are connected
ACROSS circuit components to measure VOLTAGE.
No circuit opening is required. Easy to connect!
This is why most readings taken
in circuits are of voltage.

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    • Anonymous
    • June 6, 2013
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Lufkin, tools of class and accuracy, July 25, 2010
    Bob G

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Lufkin C9212 1/2-Inch x 12-Foot Mezurall Chrome Clad Tape (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I purchased my orginal Lufkin tape measure in the 1950’s. Back then it was considered the benchmark of measuring tapes. One of the originals having a sliding tip for inside and outside measurements. Affectionately known as a “Yo-Yo’s” in those days.

    The scale on this Lufkin is simple and easy to read. Many of todays devices try to show too much, metric, inches, and are not as accurate.

    The original was a 6′ device. Today’s 12′ device makes it a little bigger in the pocket.
    If a quality tool is your goal this is it. Expensive, but, you’ll have it a long time.

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    • Technobuff
    • June 6, 2013

    In simple situations, you need not break the circuit if you know the resistive value of the load, as in your second part of the question. The current can be calculated knowing the voltage across the resistor and its resistance, using Ohm’s law.

    • krk
    • June 6, 2013

    If you have to measure the load current, use a DMM in series with the circuit.

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