Rockler Workbench Caster Set

Rockler Workbench Caster Set

Carpenter from shares his thoughts on these new casters and shows how easy it is to install the One-to…
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Rockler Dovetail Miter Bars

Technical Details:Rockler Dovetail Miter Bars are designed to match the profile of our 5/8′ Diameter, 14 degree Dovetail Router Bit (91089, sold separately), but it will also match virtually any 5/8′ 14 dovetail bit. 1/8′ tab along the bottom edge of the Dovetail Miter Bar fits into a saw kerf to prevent slippage, and to increase the strength. Screws not included, since screw length would vary too much for different applications. For 3/4′ material, we recommend using #6 1′ screws. For the lowest possible friction while sliding the jig, use with nylon tape (e.g. 70615). When using nylon tape on your jigs, be sure to make allowances for the thickness of the tape when you rout the dovetail channel.What’s in the Box?(1) Rockler Dovetail Miter Bar
List Price: $ 16.99
Price: $ 16.99

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Question by ecoandy: Can I mount my Viking 6570 into a traditional sewing machine cabinet?
The viking 6570 doesn’t have any obvious mounting instructions or brackets or holes. Anyone know if I can mount it at all on a fold away style cabinet? THanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Worldly25
No you cannot. They are built for a mechanical drop table.

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    • John Janeri
    • June 9, 2013

    Rob is right; these are a very good investment. The caster set is industrial strength and easy to install. For my particular situation, I chose to switch-out the lower screw with a slightly longer and beefier screw (on the lower screw of each lift) for added strength. Also, I would advise wearing work boots (instead of tennis shoes) when unlocking the lifts because, over time, releasing the catch takes quite a toll on the toe of your shoe.

    • A Concord Carpenter
    • June 9, 2013

    Rockler woodworking $75.00. well worth it friend

    • kay
    • June 9, 2013

    The old fashioned type where the machine was hinged in back and dropped into the cabinet sideways? No. But it’s pretty easy to build a fixed height shelf into a cabinet (or under a tabletop) to bring the needleplate level with the cabinet/tabletop. Just lift the machine in and out of the cabinet.

    There are also mechanical lifts you can buy like:
    But for $ 150 I can substitute some “sewing machine freeweight” exercise

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