Man falls off ladder on QVC

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20 Responses to “Man falls off ladder on QVC”

  1. RayHamburger

    Stay tuned, coming up next we have a wonderful gas powered fire extinguisher.

  2. bobbob12g

    The funniest part about this is that someone would actually pay $250 for a 10 foot ladder.

  3. Death8Bug

    Oh my gawd.. I’m crying I can’t stop laughing at this.. !Flop! hahaha

  4. SergioSource

    well that man is a dumbass for not looking where he puts his foot in lol

  5. MLBExpert2007

    This has to be one of the top five or ten most epic fails in television history, lol. The crunching sound the back of his skull makes when it bashes into the wooden floor is so awesome. I love clicking 0:27 over and over just to hear that hilarious ‘boom’ sound again and again, ha ha ha! Man, the dude REALLY hit the floor hard, lol!

  6. jorge munoz

    so is his name chris or kevin?

  7. godscuttingyoudown



    HAAAAAAAAAAhs dumb ass

  9. John Dawson

    “But That has never happened” LMAO, They tried to play it off jus so people could buyy itt O:

  10. VaultMasterDBT

    Sure, insult someone the home audience probably doesn’t even know. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Who knows if the man was outrageously careless?

  11. TDFunk2000

    she says chriss then kevin XD

  12. Lub Dub

    The woman on the phone says “and that has never happened”. Like that’s a normal response to seeing someone fall off a ladder. No doubt she’s a paid testimonial or is affiliated with the company.

  13. KlingonSpider

    OUCH. he broke something

  14. Kevin Vu

    The suicide ladder, from BILLY MAYS!

  15. 1337MrSam

    everbody wants this ladder………..bam

  16. crazymike65

    if you notice the guys left foot went down to far and fell. but when she says “it never did that” you can tell shes so lying.

  17. runescaperzoco

    ur just there waiting 4 it 2 happen lolz

  18. ZetaNeubourn

    Man, I love how the woman on the phone is like, “It’s great and– uh oh…. and it never did that. >->” XD

  19. Stevenup7004

    she was talking about the guy beside her…

  20. HmongYou2Tube

    Imagine if he fell off the TALL one to the left of the smaller one? Ouch, then I’d be laughing.

    It looks fake if you keep replaying at 26 seconds.

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