Check out: 5 Pack Shop Vac 906-71 Dry Wall Collection Bag For 5,6,8, Gallon – 2 Bags per Package

5 Pack Shop Vac 906-71 Dry Wall Collection Bag For 5,6,8, Gallon – 2 Bags per Package

5 Pack Shop Vac 906-71 Dry Wall Collection Bag For 5,6,8, Gallon - 2 Bags per Package
Drywall Collection Filter Bags Specially designed for pick- of fine dust like drywall and or cold ashes, these high quality, disposable filter bags come in packages of two and fit 5-8 gallon vacs.

  • For pick-up of fine dust like drywall and cement dust or cold ashes
  • High quality, disposable filter bags
  • Come in packages of two
  • Fit 5-8 gallon vacs

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Question by Mrs. R: Can I make bi-fold doors into saloon style doors?
I have looked EVERYWHERE for long saloon doors. Not the small ones that you put in the center of the doorway, but standard door length size. I have checked all over the internet, Lowe’s, Home Depot….ect. I have not checked with any woodworking shops yet, but I would imagine they would be very pricey..??

We were looking at some bi-fold doors, and thought about taking off the hinges connecting the two doors. Would this not be the same thing as having two “long” saloon doors?
I have seen several swinging door hinge sets I can purchase and put on the un-connected bi-fold doors…
Would this really work, or am I missing some very important ?
Im desperate here.. I have been looking for so long, months and can’t find any long saloon doors. Im ready to try a new idea and make my own using bi-fold doors….
Any suggestions?
Im glad I know now that it can be done. I think since our doorway is 36 inches, we will buy the 32 inch bifold doors to allow for the hinges and swinging room..
It will eliminate shaving off ends dillemma.

Best answer:

Answer by Chele
It works we did the same thing … only problem that could arise is after the swing hinge is on, the clearance between the doors that allow for swinging …. you may need to cut width of door since the 2 hinges take up more space than one in bifold … hope you understand what I’m trying to say … just trim door lengthwise on the part that goes to the door frame and sand it , less noticeable since the 2 good sides meet in the middle.

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    • June 16, 2013

    It can be done but Bi-fold doors are made to hang from the top and have some support from their bracketry. If they free swing they may be a little weak and not take much abuse.You may want to shave to tops and bottoms of the doors and add a steel (1/8″ to 3/16″ thick) plate across the edges to hold them together better. Also add some biscuit joints or thick wooden dowels between the doors to strenghten them.

    You’ll possibly have to cut the back edge (towards hinge) to allow clearance for your bigger hinges.

    Good luck …..

    • Curt D
    • June 16, 2013

    I’ve been a building and remodeling contractor for more than 30 years. I’ve tried projects like you are contemplating.

    Bi-fold doors will look tacky if you try to use them for saloon doors. Cutting them down would be a nightmare. The slatted variety would fall apart. The hollow core doors would be difficult to modify.

    Do a search on google for “cafe doors”. You will find what you want. You can get wooden cafe doors for less than $ 200. You might as well get the right product to begin with.

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