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Question by James: Replace the dv6t 2000 CTO 15.6 * Whats a Good physical toolkit to open up computers need to buy?
I am trying to buy the right screen for my laptop.
It has a bright pixel down the left of the screen and it look fine on the external monitor which tells me its the screen itself please help.

I have the information as DV6T-2000 CTO 15.6
I am not sure the type of screen it is How can I find out?
I have this info:

Upgrading from to LED is not possible. If your laptop uses a CCFL-backlit screen, you must order a CCFL laptop screen; if it uses an LED-backlit screen, you must order an LED laptop screen. In case you happen to order the incorrect version, we will not be responsible for the cost of the return or of the new shipment.





Whats a good physical computer toolkit to buy?
I need screwdrivers to open up computers (laptops/desktops)
What else do I need like anti static wrist strap because i need it now to start my repairs.
What do you recommend?

Best answer:

Answer by Geek Squad

Finding the right part to replace a defective part in your laptop can be hard. If you are comfortable taking the unit apart you will see a sticker on the back of the LCD panel that has the exact part number on it. I believe the part you need is part number 570095-001 for that particular model, but be sure to check the back of the LCD for the exact part number. Sometimes the part numbers change 🙂

You should look for a 15.6″ LED backlit Glossy finish screen.

As always when purchasing a part from a vendor of any kind make sure that there is some kind of return policy in place in case the part arrives damaged or defective. Ask if return shipping is paid by you or the vendor. Ask if there is a warranty or guarantee on the part. Ask if there is a way to return the part if it is the wrong part ordered. The company I work for provides a 30 day service guarantee on the parts we use, and that’s pretty standard. Be a good consumer and make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source.

As far as the “best tools” for laptop repair, I reccommend the following:

An Electrostatic Mat and ESD wrist strap
You don’t want to short out your components because of static electricity. An ESD safe mat and wrist strap will help prevent this from happening

A magnetic pad or screw bowl
Some laptops have hundreds of screws. Some of them are very, very small. Having a magnetic mat or screw bowl will help keep you from losing screws.

Fishing Lure Boxes
When you have leftover screws (it happens) put your screws into clear plastic fishing lure boxes and save them for the next time you need one.

Anti-Static tape
You need to get yourself a small roll of electric-anti-static tape to use inside the machine. You’ll use it to secure cables and such. You don’t want to use regular scotch or clear tape–those tapes can build up a static charge and might damage your components.

I am a very big fan of the Wiha 7 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set # 26190. It has all you need to open any laptop case.

Plastic Pry tools:
Plastic pry tools help prevent damaging your plastics when you are pulling things slowly and carefully apart. Look for “laptop/cell phone pry tools” when searching.

Hooks and Picks
Used to help unroute and re-route cables and such. Look for “Laptop Hook and Pick Set”

Screw Extractors
Every repair person strips a screw now and then. Have a set of extractors on hand.

Electric with size 0 bit
The Hitachi exlictric hand drill features multiple speeds and settings. Get yourself a size 0 (Zero) bit.
It has a rechargable battery.

Good luck!

Geek Squad Agent Kate B
Follow Me on Twitter@AgentKateB

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