Discount: Empire Level 83-3 Standard Line Level

Empire Level 83-3 Standard Line Level

Empire Level 83-3 Standard Line Level
83-3 Style: Plastic, Line Spirit Level, Price Each (83-3) This item features: -No. of Vials: 1. -Vial Positions: 1 Level.

  • Light weight construction minimizes line sag, made in USA
  • Unbendable open hooks allow level to slide freely
  • Pocket clip will guard tool against loss
  • VARI-PITCH vial reads from level to 1/2″ pitch in 1/8″ increments

List Price: $ 2.39

Price: $ 1.85

Current model available – Bosch DLR130k ———————————————————————————-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Click here for more Measuring & Layout info.

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16 Responses to “Discount: Empire Level 83-3 Standard Line Level”

  1. Harley Billington

    Thanks for the review mate, much appreciated.

  2. kevinrublee

    Love this tool, getting them for my whole crew. This is a must have on a construction site and in every tool box.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to13y3mui

  3. Zac C

    will this go up to 50meters?

  4. Edward Ashcroft

    Does it take into account the length of the unit when measuring a wall with it against the back?

  5. Edward Ashcroft

    Does it take into account the length of th enit when

  6. Renildo Silva

    Yes May

  7. wbonne2

    @epoxyexpert ur an idiot, yeah they turn off the measuring at 130′ because they are “douchebags” there’s a big difference between shooting a laser pointer and measuring a distance with one

  8. Pianoman0488

    My car can go 100 MPH, but the stupid speed limit signs say 55 MPH…douchebags.

    To deliver quality products at affordable prices to people like you and people like me, certain compromises must be met.

    This device uses modulated laser light and the subsequent difference between the outgoing and incoming light signals to determine distance. The device is limited by hardware and software costs, as well as theoretical limitations and the real world.

    Think first, then type. ?

  9. TheEpoxyExpert

    The laser shoots alot further BOSCH turns off the measuring after 130′ douchebags

  10. 723lion

    great review!

  11. factionfx

    Thanks for the review. The bosch laser measurers look great.

  12. LETSWIM1

    Your review of the Bosch is so well done that I may not even have to look at other reviews.

  13. sellingtoyotas

    Good video regarding this product. I learned a lot regarding its use. Thanks.

  14. rbtinnsmith

    Ahhhhh…. U.S.A. system of measurement. Could you be a little more smug? Is SAE a problem?

  15. jlgist

    It takes 4 AA, not 4 AAA as you stated in the video.

  16. JimsReviewRoom

    the Bosch DLR130k is the most recent and most equivalent one they have that is similar (nearly identical) to the one i have in this video.

    I placed a link in the description for you. ? Thanks! Hope you can subscribe.

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