Leatherman 830037 Wave with Leather Sheath Premier Leatherman

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Leatherman 830948 Skeletool with Sheath

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Leatherman 830950 Skeletool CX with Sheath

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Question by jo mama: What is a good brand for a multi-tool knife.?
Price doesn’t matter.

Best answer:

Answer by Chuck P
Gerber, I think they are the best all around.I have had mine for years and still use it everyday.

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8 Responses to “Leatherman 830037 Wave with Leather Sheath Premier Leatherman”

  1. chilicooker_mkb

    For the past 15 years..during working hours..I carry a “Leatherman”. It hasn’t let me down yet. I use it everyday for various tasks.

  2. bls1177

    Have a Gerber and a leatherman. Think highly of both.

    One day Santa (or my wife) I would love the “tool” linked below

  3. visitgamehendge2001

    Been using a Leatherman Micra for a lightweight hiking tool for years. Specifically the one with the scissors (I believe there was a plier in an original version but I could be wrong) in the fold. Tend to hike a bit more on the ultra-light side so less is always the way to go.

  4. Willie D

    I’m on my second Gerber. I have to say I liked my first one better. I lost the thing. They change what tools are in the tool (that sounds dumb…but what the heck) every year or so and eliminate certain models. My old one had a file and a saw blade. My new one does not and I often forget that I don’t have a file or saw blade on the new one.

    Quality-wise. I never saw Gerbers come back to my shop with defects. Leatherman tools always seemed to come back because with broken parts. I always chalked it up to human error.

    Shop around and get the tool that has the most functions you think you will need.

  5. SpaGirl

    Swiss Army, the original is my fave.

  6. shon42073

    gerber, or leatherman, I’m sure swiss army multitools are probabaly the highest quality.

  7. fisher1221us

    leatherman all the way I have had gerbers before and they do not last the break to easy leatherman if you break it just mail it to them and they will send it back the only part of a leatherman I have broke is one of the screw divers

  8. Dave M

    I’m quite happy with a Coleman that I probably bought at Target.

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