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Question by Homes Deux: Is the 2nd best goaltender in the league?
A season or two ago, I came on here bashing Kiprusoff, saying that he was slipping. I wished I could link it, but that was my old reported and deleted account. At the time, it seemed that way. Any-who, I was trying to think on the way to work, what goaltenders had the most wins last regular season. In order: Kiprusoff, Nabokov, and Ward. I knew Nabokov would be up there, but I was a just a tiny little bit surprised.

From memory, we agreed that his stats were not slipping, but his ability to dominate games (large margin wins) had slipped. Now looking at his stats again, I realize he has been consistent. My question is: Given that Brodeur is the best goaltender in the league (and please do not try to argue differently, because if you do, you are an idiot), would Kiprusoff be considered #2 based upon his consistency?

Best answer:

Answer by ali
i would have to say no. what about luongo? lundquivst? thomas?
and marty is definately the best in the league by far haha. 🙂

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    • Casey G- woopty woo b!
    • July 8, 2013

    Is this based on career or just last year? I think Marty Turco can be a contender for #2 but he isn’t very consistent. He can have a great year and then turn around and have an awful year. in 07-08 he was at 2.15 GAA and .913 SV% then fast forward to this past year it was at 2.81 GAA and .898 SV%. So in conclusion I would have to agree with you.

    • you
    • July 8, 2013

    to other (potential) answerers, i think the question implies the whole career. not just last season. every goalie has ups and downs, even thru a season, but to establish yourself as a premier goalie, and to be mentioned w/ the cliche: “franchise goalie”, is the exception, not the rule.

    i think the question also implies regular season (although playoffs can be a part of it, but don’t hold a TEAM’S lack of playoff success against the goaltender only)

    i cannot disagree w/ your points. He is definitely one of the few “Franchise goalies”. he is consistent. despite the expected statistical, and relatively small in amplitude, variations.

    he is definitely in the top 5. i would put him above Ward. Nabokov… maybe. seems like Kiprusoff has been consistent longer than Nabokov, but their careers have not been a direct overlap.

    Khabibulin and Roloson have not always had good play. but i don’t think they’ve ever had horrible seasons.

    as you can tell, i’m using general and relative terms. i’m too lazy to blast away w/ actual stats, but my perceptions seem to be similar to yours. again, i cannot disagree. if you look at consectutive “solid” seasons, it would be difficult to prove that Kiprusoff does not belong behind Brodeur. Now that Roy is out of the league.

    Luongo is an interesting candidate, but hasn’t had to prove his longevity as much as Kiprusoff.

    btw, i like your comment about… [trying to prove Brodeur is not the best]. it reminds me of a argument i use about Osgood’s status in the HOF. even non-Devil fans (most) guffaw at the mere SUGGESTION of keeping Brodeur out of the Hall. it is, as if, it is the most expected and guaranteed action in the universe. however, strangely enough, the only people trying to put Osgood in the HOF are wings fans. haven’t seen too many other teams fans support that action. Hmm.;_ylt=AmtivA5quWDPwfj1aEYUNLXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090721185243AAgcJF8

    Leafsfan, good point about the drain of the regular season. He plays a high ratio of games. And i’m not insinuating that you’re saying this, necessarily… (because i know you’re aware of it), but i want to point out that many things can factor into a playoff series loss: coaching, lack of offense, lack of defense. sure, sometimes bad goaltending. but goalie’s cannot literally “win” a series. they have no “tools” to do so. they can’t score (you know what i mean). they are limited to only keeping their team in the game, and give them a chance to win. it’s very unrealistic to expect your team to win 1 goal games (1-0), and continue to be successful in the playoffs. again, i realize that you’re not necessarily saying that. but i just think this concept is overused. therefore Nabokov has lost many series to goalies of lesser quality (even though there were 10 other, more influential players on the ice). so has Brodeur. (fortunately he has won some too). i just think the playoffs should be kept w/ an objective context when it comes to goaltending. Blue liner goals? sure. but Osgood had some soft goals too in the playoffs, but his stats look good (more of a product of team’s style of play and coaching). i just think that if you EXPECT to win playoff series, and the Stanley Cup only because of stellar goaltending, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. you can win w/ good (or decent) goaltending, and great defence (by forwards too). but you hardly can ever win by stellar goaltending, and little/no goal support. and if your goalie is making posters by making great saves, that means that there were 5 other players who weren’t able to stop the puck or its carrier.

    just wanted to point that out. i enjoy your contributions. hopefully i made some sense.

    i take back what i said about Luongo’s longevity. similar length of careers. see? i can be motivated at times to look up a stat. in fact, i’m going to have to agree w/ Joe; by sheer coincidence of course. I think Luongo can be argued to be more consistent. i overlooked him in my initial considerations. I was thinking: Khabibulin, Roloson, Thomas, Kiprusoff, Brodeur. shame on me. (forgive me if i forgot others. Lundqvist, etc.) i still think Miikka is top 5. i think i’m going to put Luongo as #2. good point, Joe.

    gosh, Joe, mutual, simultaneous compliments. almost makes me sick. lol. makes me wanna go to the Wachovia Center and get taunted while wearing a K. Primeau jersey (w/ a winged wheel of course). just to balance out the karma. sure, Ward had an incredible run. and it wasn’t just offensive support. when you put playoffs into this, it really starts to get muddled. (as w/ anything). you can’t ignore regular season, but you can’t ignore playoffs either. but some goalies actually do worse around better offensive support (cough Hasek).

    the canes run last year was one of the weirdest runs for a team in awhile. they come from behind in game 7 and beat NJ in a very strange, yet exciting way, at the wire. on a STRING of fortunate plays. then they explode on the East Points leader. then disappear on the returning EC champs. (sure, other factors too. i think Boston’s rest was too long. I think Pitt was better coached.) based on how Carolina handled Boston, I thought they would at least take Pitt to 7.

    • K.a.t.e.l.y.n<3
    • July 8, 2013

    no turco but fleury is first<3

    • Leafsfan29 loves truculence
    • July 8, 2013

    His regular season stats have been pretty good, but then there’s the playoffs. The dirty truth is that Kipper hasn’t won a playoff round since beating San Jose in the 2004 Western Conference Final.

    I have to wonder if playing as much as he does in the regular season doesn’t take a toll come playoffs.

    Very good regular season, poor playoffs.

    • Joe B
    • July 8, 2013

    ^^You can say the same for Luongo…It seems Broduer is the complete opposite,he needs to play 70 games to be effective come playoff time.

    I’m still taking Luongo..Trade Luongo to Calgary straight up for Kipper(Even though the Nucks wouldn’t do it) and with the addition of Jay Bo and with Iginla, Phineauf and a “rejuvenated” Olli Jokinen I could see the Flames bringing home a cup..I don’t think you get that with Kipper.

    You-I wonder if you put Ward on Calgary,how he would do..the Canes didn’t have the greatest collection of stars when they won it a few years back and last year upsetting the Devils had to be a shock to everyone.Then beating the number 1 seed on top of it.Ward just ran into a buzzsaw with the Pens in the ECF though.

    • b4bill2001
    • July 8, 2013

    no but he could be in the top 5 though.

    • meerkat uno is tired of waiting!
    • July 8, 2013

    But, where’s the Cup?

    • BeerSlayer The Coolest GameonIce
    • July 8, 2013

    NO…plenty others out there I’d take over Kipper.

    • the legend
    • July 8, 2013

    no… brodeur is first and nabokov is second

    • Kevin
    • July 8, 2013

    No. I think Luongo would be in the top 2. Kiprusoff’s in my top 5 I guess…

    • cdn24fan
    • July 8, 2013

    I found your initial question with a link to the previous years question. This must be your annual kipper question.;_ylt=AlH6jTI1s17xcytb4Z_45.wjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080319085359AA9LGLV

    I think Bob nailed it last year, he is not stealing games anymore. First when he came to Calgary he made an avg team great with his stellar play.

    The Flames have improved since then in terms of the rest of the roster but the results are no better. Why? Kiprusoff is no longer standing on his head. yes the win just as many games but the rest of the team is winning them not kiprusoff.

    Same goes for Nabokov, he is good but the Sharks team makes him look better.

    No way is Kiprusof number 2 last year. Guys like thomas, luongo, even Fleury and Mason where better.

    EDIT: Sutherland 604- you have Jonas Gustavsson ranked 3rd??? You have been listening to the Toronto media a bit much me thinks. Best goalie not in the NHL last year, even that is debatable. His reg season numbers 1.96 GAA and .932 save %. Ray Emery had a 1.86 GAA avg and .926 save % in the KHL last year which is at least equivalent if not superior to the Swedish elite league.

    You might want to let him play a game or 2 before anointing him the second coming of Jacques Plante.

    • Beatjunkie 604
    • July 8, 2013

    Brodeur – Epic
    Luongo – rivals Brodeur and is hitting his prime now in Vancouver
    Gustavssen (The Maple LEafs big off-season pickup from Europe) – said to be the best goali not in the NHL is now here. Check his European Elite League stats. Scary good.
    Cam Ward – Stanley Cup Ring, International Gold Medals, MVP Trophies and only like 25

    Quick count has him at #5 on my list

    • Jay Argentina gots no dirt
    • July 8, 2013

    I actually thought Bob brought this back up last season.

    Honestly I think you jinxed Kipper, since this was first brought up a few years ago it seems he has slide more and more. Calgary used to be able to get away with a sloppy game every now and then and he would steal the win. Last two seasons haven’t seen that. In fact i remember we were talking about how he is notorious for slow starts, same as several other top ranking goalies, but come December last year i was still waiting.

    Currently is he number two going into this season, no. Career still playing, I have issue with that too. Giggy had some wonderful seasons until falling apart last year, lets see how he bounces back, Khabi carried some teams in the past, won a cup, and I think is the reason Chicago went as far as they did last year. Nabby, regular season numbers are wonderful, but got to weight the fact he gets pissed off when sat and has empty tank in playoffs. Ward, two surprising play off runs, one ending in a Cup, well that goes a long way in my book, esp when considering a tight number two race against a guy with no Cups.

    Overall I think number two is a very debatable subject. I just don’t know if i could buy into Kipper being there

    • Hearty
    • July 9, 2013

    I agree Homes!

    His stats (but not his wins) were slipping because the Flames were playing poor team defence which was allowed to wither because of Mike Keenan. Keenan was fired because the Flames D deteriorated under his 2 year coaching stint.

    Now that Brett Sutter is coaching, team defence is priority one and will improve (even a sub-in for Brodeur looked good for New Jersey last season).

    Also some deletions and additions to the defensive corp (inlcuding Jay Boumeister) as well as a comeback year for Dion Phaneuf and Kiprusoff will be back on top in GAA next year!

    • Ryan F
    • July 9, 2013

    No. Kipper is considered one of the most inconsistant goalies in the NHL.

    He may have averaged the most wins, but he also had most games played, most goals against, ranked 32nd in gaa and save%(two numbers that matter when it comes to goalies).
    Also, every year since his cup run, his save 4 and gaa have consistantly gone down, and that trend has continued in the playoffs as well.

    I’m sorry to say it, but he is slipping, and I would not consider him even top 10 as a goalie.

    • GoACanes87
    • July 9, 2013

    1. Luongo
    2. Brodeur
    3. Ward
    4. Fleury
    5. Kiprusoff

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