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This sturdy, affordable allows you to build a base of any size by adding wood stretchers in whatever length you need. This adds up to bi…
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Question by Jim C: What kind of Machine do I need to buy to make ?
I want to buy a machine that will let me make my own crown molding but do not know what type of machine I am looking for other than I want to set it up in my garage and just start sending boards through! Can anyone assist?

Best answer:

Answer by kimawah
You can purchase prefabricated crown molding at home depot for a fairly inexpensive price. You will need a miter box to cut the corners – though some come the prefab corner sections as well. I’m sure you could also make your own crown molding, but there are some really good options at Home Depot and Lowes to consider – good luck!

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    • pbear i
    • July 8, 2013

    or you could buy a router.


    it takes some practise to use a router efficiently, and safely…


    • Marilyn M
    • July 8, 2013

    There are 3 types of approaches you can take
    1) Router with a molding bit can make small molding. Easy setup and relatively low cost
    2) Shaper (large router) with a shaping bit can make more interesting molding. Not so easy and higher cost > $ 500
    3) Molding Machine/ Planer with a molding bit. Can do it all but takes some skill in setup and heavy. Really nice if you go this route. Higher cost > $ 1500.00. Try Belsaw /Foley makes a nice model.

    • normobrian
    • July 8, 2013

    You need a shaper. It’s a machine like a planer, but you put custom knives in it instead of straight blades. In order to get a specific profile, you’ll need to grind the knives yourself, or send a sample out to a machine shop and have them made for you. A typical cost would be about $ 150 for three knives.

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