Is Powder Coating Paint Environmentally Friendly?

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The environment is on everyone’s priority list and that is how it should be. That being said, we have to be aware of what the different and new products mean. While powder coating paint might sound dangerous you have to look at the alternative and the whole process by which the paint is used. In general, the only environmental concern would be considered “nuisance dust” because it is dusty but it does not harm the environment.

Consider the Alternative

Paint is flammable, carcinogenic and packed with volatile organic compounds. This alone makes powder coating a better alternative, really the only viable alternative. You don’t have to worry about it catching on fire or spreading carcinogenic particles in the air. When breathing near it you don’t have to worry about respiratory problems though it is still advisable to wear a mask as you should when dealing with any fine dust.

Safe and Easy to Clean

The powder is safe and easy to clean. You can simply sweep it up and throw it away. It is plastic at its core so it is the same as disposing of any other plastic substance. It is so fine it takes up very little space in a landfill. It is advisable to bag it up so as not to spread it around but even if it gets spread out it does not cause damage.

The Production of the Paint is Safer

Environmental Chamber

The making of the powder is also safer than the making of paint. This makes it more environmentally sound as well. You don’t have to worry about the process of paint making and the fumes that are harmful to humans. The resin can be heated in and poured all in a contained environment. The waste is negligible and the overall environmental impact is probably none.

The Longer Lasting Ramifications

The fact that powder coating paint lasts longer is also important. This means you have to make less of it and use less of it, even further diminishing the impact on the environment. You will quickly find that you can make a single use of the powder last for years with minimal to no touch-ups required whereas paint often requires touch-ups every year.

Powder coating paint is the right alternative to regular paint and you are lessening your environmental impact. It is a good fit and will make your surface perfect.

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