Discount: Makita LXT405 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 4-Piece

Makita LXT405 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 4-Piece

Makita LXT405 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 4-Piece
Includes 1/2-in Hammer Drill Driver – BHP452, 1/4-in Impact Driver – BTD141, 6-1/2-in Circular Saw – BSS611, Flashlight – BML185, (2) Lithium-Ion 3.0 Ah Batteries – BL1830, Rapid Optimum Charger – DC18RA, Contractor Bag – 831284-7, Operating ManualThe LXT lithium-ion is built for the pro-user who demands a range of Best in Class cordless solutions. The delivers 4 lithium-ion cordless tools for drilling, driving, fastening, and cutting. Each tool is powered by Makita’s 18-volt LXT lithium-ion battery and the ENERGY STAR rated Makita Rapid Optimum charger. .c26-caption { font-family: Verdana, , Arial, serif; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; } .c26-matrix2a { font-family: Verdana, , Arial, serif; font-size: 9px; font-weight: bold; background-color: #bcbec0; } .c26-matrix2b { font-family: Verdana, , Arial, serif; font-size: 9px; font-weight: bold; backgrou

  • 2-Speed 1/2-Inch hammer driver-drill (0-400/0-1, 500 RPM) with Makita-built 4-pole motor delivers 450-Inch-Pound of max torque and weighs only 4.2-Pound
  • Variable speed Impact Driver (0-2, 300 RPM) provides 1, 330-Inch-Pound of max torque in a compact design and weighs only 3.4-Pound
  • 6-1/2-Inch circular saw with a Makita-built, D35 high torque motor delivers maximum power for cutting 2x material at 45 with 50-Degree maximum capacity
  • 4-Position flashlight with xenon bulb runs over 4 hours per charge
  • 3-Year warranty on tools and 1-Year warranty on batteries and charger

List Price: $ 858.00

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Question by JFalcon: What definitive set of should a person purchase for the purpose of home upgrades and repairs?
As a fairly new homeowner, I’m finding lots of little things that need to be done. Minor repairs to the garage door, minor soffit and fascia damage, repairing doors and drywall, etc. I like to have the best tool for the job, but when it comes to cutting or finishing, there are several tools more adapted for a particular job. If one were to have the perfect “toolbox” (or perhaps toy box) with practical (not highly specialized) tools, what should it contain?
Well, I did specify power tools, but I suppose that mentioning other tools is fine as well. I already have a hammer, measuring tape, cordless drill and a fairly complete socket wrench set. What’s interesting is that ‘drill’ was mentioned more than once; aside from drilling holes, I assume that others use theirs for planting screws?

I will definitely need to cut wood, but don’t know if I necessarily need a table saw. I did like the suggestion of a reciprocating saw. For those who are suggesting tools, could you please also note what types of modifications and/or repairs for which they are most useful? Many thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by J
A good drill is indispensable and a jigsaw is very useful

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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    • Clark Fence Company Clark
    • August 12, 2013
    14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best cordless tools I’ve owned, March 3, 2009
    Clark Fence Company Clark (St. Joseph, MO United States) –

    This review is from: Makita LXT405 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 4-Piece (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I purchased this combo kit approx 2 years ago, and these tools are powerful workhorses. I have a fencing company and they get used nearly every day. I am still using the original set of batteries that came with the kit. Still getting full productive use of the tools from these great batteries. (I have other brands,– DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, and I’m sorry to say they can’t measure up to the Makita.) Any of my employees who use these tools are equally as impressed as I am, and are quick to grab the Makita over the others available to them. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is concerned with having a high quality, dependable set of cordless tools.

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    • Elias Wreford
    • August 12, 2013
    6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Kit, as a carpenter… Just my opinion., November 20, 2011

    This review is from: Makita LXT405 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 4-Piece (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I purchased this from from my local hardware/lumber yard in Northern Michigan. He didn’t have the exact one I was looking for (Saw-zaw, drill, impact driver, light) but did have the saw-zaw (reciprocating saw) circular saw, drill light. In a stroke of luck he also had an impact driver set (two batteries, charger) that he wanted to get rid of before inventory. I managed to get both sets, 4 batteries, two chargers etc for a lot less then you could otherwise, but I’d suggest doing it. I build a lot of staircases that lead to the beach, typically 8 flights or more. Some are as much as 350 feet of stairs. Weight of drills is very important. As is the battery weight, and life. I also do quite a bit of concrete, retaining walls, patio’s etc as well as typical framing. What I’m saying is that I beat the living hell out of my tools, warm weather to very cold, harsh conditions, sand, water, storms, snow. These tools are the best I’ve used. Much lighter then anything else, I’m amazed at the power all of these tools have. The saws have a lot of power, the only trick with them is to let the blade do the work and not to ‘push through’ the wood. The drills are unreal. 1/2″ lag bolts through hardwood and into concrete? No problem. And they last all day. I can lay decking and screw for 8-10 hours and maybe go through 1.5 batteries. That’s unbelievable. Oh, and it takes about 20 minutes to fully charge them. The impact drill is pretty much the only drill I use unless it’s really delicate work, then I’ll switch to the driver drill because it has better control over it’s speed. Circular saw is great, I still have my porter-cable mag corded saw (which is also freaking amazing) for when I’m really framing a lot, but honestly, I can use the little Makita 6.5 inch saw even to cut through tons of treated and wet yellow pine. I had a DeWalt cordless set and I can assure you the difference is night and day. I love the Makita line of power tools. I’d buy it again. On another note, if you’re looking to perfect your collection of exactly what the best is it goes like this:
    Bosch random orbit sander, and jigsaw.
    Bosch or Matika Compound Sliding miter saws, but only use Freud blades.
    Matkia Cordless
    Porter Cable Mas Circular saw
    Porter Cable Roofing Nailers, air compressor powered.
    Paslode Airless framing and trim nailers.

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    • Brian D. King "BrianKingKong"
    • August 12, 2013
    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best cordless I have ever used, May 17, 2010
    Brian D. King “BrianKingKong” (Fredericksburg, Va USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Makita LXT405 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, 4-Piece (Tools & Home Improvement)

    I have only owned a few tools in my life, but these by far surpass any I have ever used. The tools have more power, longer battery life, and are better quality.

    I used the impact driver and circular saw (mainly) to build a fence around my parents yard, and it was a snap using one battery for it all. I would drive what I needed, then switch the battery to the saw and cut. The battery lasts all day for the impact driver, but runs out much faster with the work load of the circular saw. Another reviewer commented that you shouldn’t use the saw for more than 15 minutes of cutting at a time. I agree, give it some rest, but the battery will run for at least 4 of those, so an hour of actual cutting hardwoods without dying.

    All in all, definitely worth the purchase. If you need cordless, get Makita LXT. And HURRY, you can still get a free tool if you buy it now and use the rebate!

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    • krysiaisme
    • August 12, 2013

    Hammer, adjustable wrench, phillips and flat head screw drivers. Also pliers and maybe a reciprocating saw (a little safer to use than a circular saw).

    The other thing you can do is look for a rental shop in your area. They can rent you the tool you need and you don’t have to purchase/maintain them.

    • apalmerva
    • August 12, 2013

    1. Hammer 2. Utility Knife. 3. Cordless Drill 4. Jig Saw 5. Set of pliers and such for home plumbing and electrical issues. 6. A pry bar, for molding and other woods. 7. A battery charger for lawnmowers and vehicles. 8. Extra batteries and charging station for your cordless drill 9. 5-n-1 tool, for scraping paint, opening lids, a handy screwdriver and much more, invaluable. 10. A gift card every Christmas or birthday to buy more and more that you will love to have.

    • da_hal
    • August 12, 2013

    A drill is the best, most practical, and most useful. In the beginning, start small and get maybe 5-7 volt drill. I got a ryobi, and so far it’s been strong enough for all the minor, around-the-house jobs.

    Then, as other jobs come up, buy them. So far, I’ve bought a putty scraper, a window screen roller, a soldering iron, etc.

    This weekend, I’m going to check out Sears for multi-piece tool sets. They usually come with toolboxes, and are always on sale. Try to get one with ratchets in both metric and british.

    I also have this old pair of 8″ pliers that i use for just about every wrench job. It’s extremely useful for plumbing too.

    • samhbane
    • August 12, 2013

    Being addicted to tools, I can give you a list longer than both arms. Here are the basics.
    Circular saw.
    3/8 drill motor
    Rechargeable screw driver (Buy one of the kits for it
    that has extra blades and even
    twist drills)
    Set of screwdrivers (straight blade and phillips)
    set of adjustable wrenches. 6, 8, and 10 inch
    Set of open end wrenches up to 1″ (also a set of metric)
    You can buy sets that have a good selection of
    both standard and metric. Usually combination
    open end and box end.
    A pair of channellocks (common name sometimes called water
    pump pliers)
    Cutting pliers (commonly called electricians sidecutters)
    Claw hammer

    Undoubtedly there are aeveral that I have missed.

    • Locutus
    • August 12, 2013

    Circular saw
    sawzaw(a large reciprocating saw)
    Miter saw
    A drimmel is very useful and adaptable
    Any thing you can’t do with those you will probably want to hire somebody for.

    • mrknowitall
    • August 12, 2013

    Since you already have a cordless drill, I’d suggest (more or less in this order):

    A handheld circular saw (sometimes called a Skil saw, but Dewalt and Porter-Cable make better basic ones than Skil). A reciprocating saw is good for demolition and rough work, but not for precise, clean cuts–I’d get that only when you have a job for it. But do get a hand held jig saw (sabre saw)–Bosch, Porter-Cable and DeWalt make good ones. A compound miter saw is nice if you are doing any trim at all–DeWalt’s 12″ model is a real workhorse, right around $ 300, but a 10″ saw can be had for much less.

    I also have a spiral saw that I use for drywall cutouts, a router that I constantly find new uses for, a random orbit sander that I can’t live without, and a 4″ belt sander I’ve used on every remodel job I’ve had since I bought it. Mine are all Porter-Cable.

    If you can afford it, a small air compressor with 18 gauge and 15 gauge finish nail guns is great–if you can only have one finish nailer, I’d say 16 g. The compressor can also be used with a paint sprayer, tire inflater, air hammer, etc.

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