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Question by raburtongdyr: I would like to build from wood a barrister cabinet, where online can I go to get some ideas and or dimensions?
I want this barrister cabinet to say that it is mine without having to put my name on it. I am also looking for possible legs and the hardware that I can place on it. The hardware would not be the stuff you can pick up in the local hardware store. Anyone in the field of woodwork have any great ideas for me?

Best answer:

Answer by sojournsoul
There are tons of websites with wood working plans. You can search Yahoo for wood working or search for free woodworking plans/ barrister cabinet and find tons of stuff. There are sites with links to free wood working plans. Here is a site showing two links to free plans for a barrister cabinet.

Here’s something:

Simple Barrister Bookcases

You can pay for plans for like $ 15 and sometimes they sell the hardware and stuff that goes with it for extra. Just google it.

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    • thewrangler_sw
    • August 15, 2013

    When I think of ‘barrister cabinet’, I think of a bookshelf with doors (which have a glass insert). Most of the time, this does not include ‘legs’. Usually its a 3 to 5 shelf book case, usually smaller than when you think of ‘book shelf’. The shelves are of necessity, fixed in place, as opposed to having adustable shelves, because each shelf space has its own door.

    Rockler has a plan for one such case, and they also carry the hardware –

    You can opt for different pulls, just keep in mind, they have to clear the space for the door to slide in above the contents of the shelf. If you want something larger, you’ll need to either move the slides down (decreasing the amount of space available above the shelf), or enlarge the case, and door parts. There is no limit to the variety of knob pulls, and handles out there. You might consider checking into antique, or salvage parts for something unique too.

    There are also a number of ways to dress up the glass, and the door frame itself. Rather depends on what tooling you’ve got to use, and how much you want to spend on the glass. Beveled glass, or etched designs for example, are something to consider. As for the door frame, you can make quite a variety of door styles, depending on what router bit sets you have. Laser engraving, or carving, are options too.

    You can make several small units that stack, or larger units, or a modular system, and incorporate other items into the design.

    Rockler has links to other sites that have plans on them too, and a simple search will turn up quite a few online. They’ve also got a selection of legs, if you want to add them to the unit.

    Or you might try Adams wood supplier – they cater more to the small cabinet shop and industrial woodworking, than individual sales, but they carry a pretty good inventory, and you can get anything from legs, to onlays, etc. Lots of ways to dress up a project.

    I’ve used both Rockler, and Adams in the past, and have been quite satisfied with their product and service. I’ve done a lot of custom woodworking projects, as well as a career in the woodworking industry. I’d need more details on your project to give more information. As to sizes — I tend to build to suit myself — as opposed to a purchased plan. My shelving would be sized and spaced to fit what I wanted to store on them, not just standard dimensions.

    By the way – if you plan on making several of these, you might want to consider making a sturdy base to set them all on, to help distribute the weight across the floor, as opposed to having individual units with legs. Rather depends on how much weight you intend to place on them. Jointery will be important with this consideration too.

    Feel free to email me, if you’d like to discuss this project in more detail.

    Have Fun

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