Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder at AWFS 2013

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Question by Taylor D: Where can I find wood veneers locally?
I need some wood veneers for a project but I can only find them online. Are there any chain stores that sell them and if so, what sizes are they? Can they usually cut them right in the shop?
I am making a longboard with the veneers. I would need them to be at least 9.5 inches wide. I live in Utah so there are no Rockler stores nearby. There is a Woodcraft Supply Store but it is out of my way and I cannot drive.

Best answer:

Answer by Wooddoctor1985
No idea of your location but if you have a Rockler or a Woodcraft store near you they sell veneers in different sizes.

Your local home center like Home Depot or Lowes mostly only carry veneer rolls that can be used for edge banding and thus are not very wide.

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