Keeping Your Patio Furniture in Tiptop Shape

On those bright and sunny days, most people enjoy the great weather by hanging out in their patio. This place allows them to unwind and forget about their petty concerns. In order to lounge around the patio, having good patio furniture is a must.

Most people buy good patio furniture, and they end up using the pieces for years on end. In time, the furniture would need maintenance in order to look presentable. Some people neglect maintaining their patio furniture, and in effect, the furniture does not last long. Proper furniture maintenance can save people money from buying a new set of patio furniture. Moreover, by keeping their furniture in tiptop shape, people are able to spend more time lounging around.

It is available in a variety of materials like wood, rattan, wicker, fabric, and even resin. Because there are different types of these pieces, the maintenance steps are also different, depending on the materials of the furniture. Some people professionals clean their furniture for the patio. While this can be a little pricey, customers are usually satisfies because their furniture pieces receive special attention. However, in these times where people are becoming wiser with their money, it is no surprise that other people would rather clean their furniture themselves. Some steps are fairly easy, so this is a huge encouragement for people to clean and maintain their own pieces.

Patio furniture pieces with fabric materials are comfortable, but they are also prone to more dirt and stains. Most fabrics used can be machine washed, but one must remember to use the gentle cycle. The fabric should be aired out properly in order to maintain its color and shape. In colder months, these furniture pieces with fabric should be stored inside. Pieces with need additional care; some pieces, like those made of acrylic, should be aired properly. Otherwise, mildew might form in moist pieces.

Some people prefer material made of teak is also common in most patios. This type of wood is especially handsome after it has endured the weather changes. The wood turns into a nice shade of gray after months of exposure to changing weather. The wood may expand and even crack in some areas, but this is just a common occurrence. To maintain such patio furniture pieces, one can use a sponge or a soft brush to clean the furniture. A mild soap can be used to get rid of dirt. In some cases where stains show on the furniture, one can use a special teak cleaner. The same goes for other types of wooden furniture.

Wicker is also a common fixture in patios. To clean wicker patio furniture, hosing off the piece might just do the job. Again, soap may be used, provided that it is just mild. Paste wax keeps the pieces water resistant. Some patio furniture pieces are made of sturdier materials like metal. Among these metals are cast iron, wrought iron, and aluminum. Rust is the major enemy for metal pieces. While most patio furniture being sold now is rust-free, one can still use paste wax to rust.

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