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Question by ronm: what could be the problem with my hp laptop?
Ok I have this Hp Pavilion ze5385us.
The specs
Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz
1gb of ddr ram
60gb hitachi hdd (IDE)
windows xp pro.
I have a fresh install and this laptop runs slower than sht. Idk what it is but it just doesn’t seem to perform that well.
Could it be my Hdd? because my ibm thinkpad was extremely slow(slower than this laptop) and then the ibm stopped booting up and turned out the hdd was locking up and why it was running slow. Would you think that the hdd on this would be going out or not running as well as it use to?
This hp was manufactured in 2003 so it somewhat old, but i had a pentium 3 run faster than this.
And do you think it is a good idea to just get a new laptop? or should i try to fix something that would bring it back up to speed. also i can’t watch youtube videos very well it lags pretty bad.
also sean, there is no clicking sound but rarey do i see the hdd light on the laptop light up, it only flashes as i type and if i load somthing it doesn’t constantly flash when loading heavy data, im on this laptop right now and also the computer lags when typing. its just so annoying because i had a lower grade laptop run faster than this one.

Best answer:

Answer by Sean
Are you hearing any clicking sound from your HDD? If yes, then, you should repace that. You can also do “Disk Check” to see if there are any problems with the sectors. But, when you do a fresh install, if you’ve chosen, NTFS full format, it should have done that already. Anways, here is how you do disk check:

(1) Go to “My Computer”, and right-click on your C drive, and clikc on “Properties”.
(2) Under the “Tools” tab, click on “Check now…”.
(3) Check both options, and click “Start”. And, restart your computer.

Here are some things you can do to speed up your computer:
(i) If you don’t have a virus program installed, get one, and scan your computer. There are some good free programs out there: “Microsoft Security Essentials”, “AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2011”. Also, download “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware”, which is also free, and scan your computer. This doesn’t provide real-time protection, but may pickup the malware that your antivirus program missed.

(ii) If you have installed and uninstalled a lot of programs, then you should get registry cleaning tool, such as “CCleaner”. It is a free tool.

(iii) Defragment your hard drive using “”, which is a Windows utility. Do this regularly, depending on how much data you move around. I defragment my computer every 3-4 months. Disk Defragmenter will analyze your hard drive and tell you if you need to defragment it.

(iv) Perform disk cleanup using “Disk Cleanup” utility that comes with Windows. This will get rid of temporary internet files, temporary files, etc. Do this regularly. CCleaner also allows you to do this.

(v) Uncheck all the software that doesn’t have to be loaded during start up by going into “System Configuration”. To get there, click on Start button –> type in “msconfig” in the search bar underneath “All programs”. I have unchecked programs like “Adobe Acrobat”, QuickTIme, RealPlayer, etc.

(vi) Upgrade your RAM, which would really help.

(vii) If you haven’t formatted your system in a while, do so.

(viii) If you have a really large hard drive, partition it and keep all your music and movies on your second partition, and also backup your documents on your second partition. An additional benefit from this is that if something goes wrong with your system, you can format the C drive, while all your documents will be backed up on your D drive, for example.

(ix) If you haven’t cleaned your PC box for a long time, dust may have buit up in it. This may over heat your computer and slow your system down. Purchase one of those compressed air canisters and clean your PC. When you clean your CPU fan and PSU fans, make sure you use a pencil or something to prevent the fan from spinning faster than it’s supposed to while blowing the dust off the fans, because this may break the fan.

If none of this works, then, there maybe some other hardware issues. Since your notebook is very old, it’s not worth fixing. I think it’s time for a new one.

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    • Dylan
    • August 25, 2013

    Scan with Malwarebytes anti-malware as well as Advanced System Care too see if that helps. If not, it’s probably a hardware issue and not worth fixing.

    • Shaun Batista
    • August 25, 2013

    Lag is real frustration. Most of the time, lag is due to burden on computing resources. One way is to add power of computer and second way is to lessen burden on system. Adding system power through hardware upgrade and cleaning system with Reginout is sure way to reduce lag.

    A lag in your computer can be the result of multiple different things.

    The most common reasons for a lag in a computer are due to the following things:

    – The computer has little to no storage space left.

    – The computer has a slow speed that is likely continuing to decrease over time.

    – Or it could be a mixture of both options.

    Regardless of which option it is, neither of them is good for your computer and if it is both possibilities, then that definitely is not good for the computer. However, they are both quite fixable. The easiest way and quickest way to deal with these two possibilities is to perform a clean up scan on the computer’s registry.

    The clean up scan is a scan that will be conducted on the computer’s registry. Just like the name of the scan, it will “clean up” the computer’s registry. Use Reginout for this purpose. It’s good. This means that any information located in the registry of the computer that is no longer used or needed will be removed in order to make more space in the registry. With more space being freed up in the registry, it also means that the speed of the computer will increase.

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