Outdoor Lighting Information

Outdoor Lighting Information

If you have invested your energy in creating lovely outdoor spaces such as gardens, arbors, patios or fountains, then you certainly do not want to make the mistake of leaving the job half-done. While many people design exterior spaces or landscape under the assumption of full sunlight, specialty outdoor lighting can add an entirely new dimension to your work. Imagine lustrous gardens that flourish magically beneath the moonlight, ancient trees that glow luridly as you pass them in your midnight stroll, or fountains that bubble with luminous crystalline water, spraying starry droplets into the sky. These are a few fanciful images that can be made into a reality by an artfully designed outdoor lighting system.

If you are looking at a small to medium sized job, or are a novice and want to create a lighting system that you can install yourself, we have a number of low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures available. Our Halogen Accent outdoor lighting kits are designed to illuminate specimen trees, plants in the garden or architectural details of a home or office building. We also have low voltage outdoor lighting kits fitted with incandescent bulbs for projects that require a warm light. For larger jobs, we provide mercury vapor outdoor lighting kits that contain 3.5″ diameter bullet fixtures with 4.75″ long custom glare shields, mounting brackets and ballasts that are designed to mount in three separate trees up to 30 feet or less. Mercury vapor bulbs provide a flattering light that makes plants and foliage appear their healthiest.

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All of our outdoor lighting products are selected by experienced professionals who want to deliver you only the “cream of the crop” outdoor lighting supplies. Unlike many of the lower quality fixtures you will find in your local home improvement store, which are often made of plastic, all of our outdoor lighting equipment is composed of high quality metal such as copper, brass or composite alloys.

Each landscape lighting kit contains everything you need to open up an entirely new dimension to the enjoyment of your home or garden. We have engineered these systems as basic starter kits with extra transformer capacity so that you can double the quantity of outdoor lights in the future. This is ideal for those who want to evolve their outdoor spaces over time, such as adding path lights or possibly an illuminated fountain or sculpture. Click here to view our fountain lighting kits. Have fun, and experiment with your lights before burying all the wires. This way you can fine-tune your design before completing the installation. If you run into any trouble, do not hesitate to call us. We have experienced technicians ready to assist you in your outdoor lighting projects. Remember, a successful outdoor lighting system is just a matter of light and shadow, but how you utilize them can make all the difference between night and day!

Do not forget to look for accessories to install your commercial landscape lighting. This could include transformers, light poles, or ballasts. The different types of accessories will be based upon the particular lights you are getting. These accessories, just like the lights themselves, will need to be planned for. If you can get a photograph of the area you will light, you can create scale cutouts of the lights and the amount of area they light. These cutouts offer a low cost method of pre-planning your landscape lighting. There are also computer programs available which will do the same thing.

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