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A friend of and his wife decided that they wanted to redecorate their bedroom area. They moved into their house three years ago and immediately painted all of the main rooms and installed window treatments. Then came new carpets and flooring.

Now, three years later I guess it was time to their own room. Apparently having the bedroom furniture since they were first married was wearing a bit thin 🙂

The Plan

The suite is the entire loft of their A-framed house. It’s actually a pretty big space and includes the master bath, a separate dressing area plus the main room (where the bed is located). French doors lead out to a cozy little deck that overlooks a lake.

The previous owners liked dark wallpaper and dark woodwork. The wall surrounding French doors had medium blue wallpaper with purplish flowers and forest green leaves. The other walls had a repetitive stripped wallpaper, and the bathroom/dressing room areas had paneling with a dark stain.

They felt like they were living in a dark, depressing cave.

The Work

They started out by steaming off the wallpapers and then the walls a restful shade of green. They also primed and painted the color on the wood paneling. This took a long time, but they were very pleased with the bright new look.

Next they went on a bedroom furniture shopping spree. They wanted to include a home office in the loft area, so they needed bedroom furniture pieces that would not take up a lot of space. They stopped at several furniture stores that carry bedroom furniture but we couldn’t find anything that they liked better than the dressers and armoire they already had.

Disappointed, they went home and started rearranging the bedroom furniture they already had.

A Change of Venue

The goal was to leave enough room for a small office desk and some shelving for office supplies. They were surprised to find the new arrangement actually made the room seem more spacious. They returned to shopping, and this time focused on office furnituere. Luckily, they found a desk and a matching shelving unit that complimented their bedroom furniture.

With the new lighter paint covering what was once wallpaper and paneling, and having the furniture arranged in a different way, the entire space looked surprisingly new.

The Lesson

My friends discovered a and inexpensive way to redecorate rooms by recycling pieces of furniture and slapping on a few coats of new paint. They found that the color of paint had a dramatic and noticeable effect on the general look of a room.

Leaving the dark paneling and wallpaper in the room and purchasing new bedroom furniture would not have created the dramatic change they experienced.

Sometimes it pays to be cheap. In this case it had the biggest overall effect.

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