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Contour Casings are the first UK company to offer an extensive range of metal column casing solutions as BIM objects. Built parametrically and with a dynamic rendering facility which delivers an array of vibrant finishes, Contour’s pioneering content can be parametrically “stretched” to an almost limitless range of sizes.Contour’s column casing BIM components are modeled as generic individual families and available in six standard configurations. The column casing components have fully-adjustable height, diameter and collar parameters. We offer Header and footer collars, feature shadow gap joints, access panels for internal services, antimicrobial coating and acoustic lining for you to choose from and all can be selected for scheduling.

The column casing body, decorative collar and shadow gap joint is fully-renderable in a range of RAL colours, which deliver a directional grained finish and uniform aesthetic to your room or building. A standard range of six textured and coloured Rimex Stainless Steel metals are also available and can be applied to the column casing in your project for a more high-tech or modern appearance.

The Contour brushed Aluminium column casing range provides a directional grained finish and industrial aesthetic, yielding a uniform appearance which helps disguise any abrasions incurred when the product is located in even the most demanding environment. A wide choice of design options and decorative features are available to assist you when creating your own column casing solution using this modern, contemporary finish. Our unique Aluminium column casing range can be fabricated to almost any desired shape and size and is equally suited to both interior and exterior . This fully sustainable solution is manufactured using the latest fabricated technology and CAD software, delivering a high-quality product with a durable and lightweight construction. This product is supported by highly-competitive lead times and delivers a simple, quick installation in any environment.

Available in a number of standard shapes, the entire Contour column casing range has been modeled into high-quality architectural BIM objects, available via a unique set of “Quick Links” on our website which allows designers to identify the precise solution during planning, quickly and simply.

Contour’s BIM components are loaded with exhaustive background data, enhancing scheduling and estimation and allowing pre-emptive decisions to be made throughout the full life-cycle of a building. This means that at Contour casings we can guarantee that our products are built to last and can cope with the day to day wear and tear of usage. Contour’s BIM content has been built to allow maximum design flexibility for the user; with each model offering a multitude of user-controlled design options to help complement your design

For more information on our different types and designs of column casings look on our website or view our online brochure at

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