CCTV Door Entry System for Residential Buildings

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Since convincing my neighbours to install a CCTV door entry system to our block of flats, I've been absolutely thrilled! I can buzz my pizza delivery into my apartment building without having to walk down three flights of stairs and my upstairs neighbor no longer has to throw a key attached to a tennis ball out of the window to his guests!

I can talk to my visitors as they reach the building entrance and give them a brief insight into my musical mood since the sound quality is so good, they can even hear my music playing in the background. Nina Simone and I'm chilled, ABBA and I'm ready for some dancing!

The new door entry system gives me just a little more too; I can record my daily visitors to a digital SD card – which incidentally I am doing. I'm thinking of a video diary with a difference.

There are, of course, other positive benefits for having this facility as your door entry system such as recording those callers to your door who are not quite who they purport themselves to be. The sort of unwelcome enterprising individuals that end up on Rouge Traders and Watchdog.

I should very much like to think that should, heaven forbid, one of my neighbours or I become a victim of a rogue caller I should be able to print out a very nice 10" x 8" glossy of the perpetrator to pass on to the police!

CCTV door entry systems that record to digital memory cards are available from CCTV man Kent who we used to install our system. They also offer maintenance and other CCTV systems; they do commercial work too and I've had a similar system set up at my office.

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