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Question by brandon: How to unlock from outside?
My bathroom door is locked and its a knob where you twist it to lock it and theres no hole in the middle of the knob outside and there are no screws outside, i took off the but the door is still stuck and its locked, please help.

Additional Details
the credit card thing doesnt work because the thing inside the door isnt the right way, i even tried bending a hanger sticking it in and wraping it around the thing inside the door and pulling it but that didnt work either and the hinges are on the outside i can take a picture if you want

im sorry not hinges its the nail looking things that go into the door you know?

Best answer:

Answer by Melissa
Maybe try to push through the door?

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    • rob
    • October 10, 2013

    You will need to get a new door knob, because the only way to get in now is to destroy the one that is on there.
    Try any of these methods to destroy the current door latch
    1. use a sawzall to saw it off
    2. dremel tool ” ”
    3. pry bar
    4. keep drilling holes in it
    5. shoot it
    6. pee on it
    6. do anything you need to to get the #%$ ^#@*$ thing off!!!!!!

    • Michael S
    • October 10, 2013

    If the hinges are on the outside and you have removed the hinge pins, then all you need to do is get a flat blade screwdriver and pry the hinge side of the door out towards you. It will come out, you just need to pry it out. Then you can put the door back on the hinges after you unlock the knob.

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