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Question by Abbie: need a new laptop cd/dvd drive?
i need a new cd/dvd internal drive for my laptop, as mine is broke because i dropped laptop. thankfully everything else is fine.
i am looking online for internal drives and most of them are sony/samsung/panasonic etc however my laptop is a hp compaq presario. i cant see a manufacturer anywhere on the broken one. would a sony/panasonic etc internal drive work? or does it have to be a specific drive? also can you fit news ones in yourself or take it to a shop? also, how much would you estimate for a cost?

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Best answer:

Answer by Jamfo
Here’s a great site that will get you the exact part you need for your laptop:

In the middle of the page, you’ll see the “Spare Part Locator Tool.” You’ll use this tool to select the exact make and model of laptop you have. The site will then present you with ALL the replacement parts for your exact computer. You can then narrow the focus to select only internal CD/DVD drives and select the one that you like best from the list of drives that will fit in your system.

While I can’t tell you which drives will fit in your system or estimate a cost (simply because there are so many different manufacturers, speeds and styles of drives), I can at least point you to that site so you can know that the drive you purchase is the proper drive to install in your laptop.

If you want further recommendations, post the manufacturer and model of your laptop and I can look at the list of available replacement drives.

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