3 DIY Tools for the Handyman

Tinkering is our way of being manly, and when we grow up to be the strong men that we dream to be, we get to take on a new level of DIY expertise, and for that, we have our beloved tools to count on.

English: Electric drill with Phillips screwdri...

Indeed, DIY is not something to be trifled with and unless you have a lifetime of practice and an abundance of skill, you should stay out of this and let the professionals do what they do best.

But for the rest of you young guns out there, here are the most important power tools that you need to have at your disposal.

1. The electric screwdriver.

be told, this little power tool strongly resembles a drill, only smaller and more compact, however it’s uses as a drill are limited, and can only drill through soft wood and other light materials.

The real purpose for which it was built was to handle screws and other fixtures, taking the elbow grease out of the question. Think about whole screws for a second. These have to be screwed in directly in the beam or wall, without a prior hole drilled in it.  Now imagine having to do that by hand, and even though at first sight it might not be a serious matter of effort and time to screw in a single whole screw, but imagine you have to screw in around 60 or 70 whole screws.

Rotary hammer drill

This is why it is important to make your projects easier.

2. The power drill

I’m not talking about those weak drills made to drill holes through plywood, I’m talking about the heavy duty ones, the percussion drills, the one that come with a built in piston that pushes the head of the drill like a jack hammer.

That baby can not only drill holes through reinforced concrete, but can also cut them like a hot knife cuts butter.

3. The power angle grinder.

It comes with a lot of versatility and can really get a lot of jobs done. You can put a buffing wheel on it and shine half your household, you can put a saw blade on it and cut your way through everything, and you can even change the disks with diamond grinding ones and grind as well as sharpen anything you feel the need to.

English: An angle grinder with a diamond blade...

That being said, remember that these 3 power tolls must not be bought based on the financial aspect, and should rather be chosen by their overall performance rather than their innate ability to come at a price.

You can focus on the economical aspect later on, when you buy or rent tools that you will not be forced to use as often or as common as these 3, but when it comes to the basics, trust me when I tell you that you would lie to invest a little more in quality ones than save money and have them break down every 2 weeks, which will ultimately have you spending more money in the long run.

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