Easy DIY Steps for Cleaning Your Aircon

Easy DIY Steps for Cleaning Your Aircon

People who live in cooler parts of the world, in areas of Europe perhaps, tend to envy those who live in warmer more humid parts of the world. The truth is however, that whilst being does have its benefits, it can also become extremely uncomfortable, dangerous, and annoying as well. Have you ever tried sleeping in a heat wave? Muggy humid at night time can make sleeping extremely uncomfortable and difficult indeed. Working or doing anything in intense heat is not a pleasant experience and can make life much harder and more difficult than it needs to be. A great way of overcoming the heat however, is by purchasing an air conditioning unit, and that’s what many people in warmer parts of the world tend to do. However, when it comes to cleaning and servicing these machines, that’s where people often struggle. If this applies to you, then rather than paying your hard earned money for somebody to come out and perform simple aircon repair work, then here are some easy DIY steps to help you clean your own yourself.

Disconnect the power supply – Before you go any further, you should first ensure that you have disconnected the power supply to your aircon. Many central air conditioning units actually have their own shut off boxes on the outside, near the actual unit itself. Wherever yours may be, ensure that you shut it off before you begin.

Ensure that there are no excess weeds, foliage or plant growth around the unit – Doing this ensures that there can be no potential blockages, and that no leaves or dirt can get inside the unit. Simply trim any excess growth away with some gardening equipment.

Unscrew the access panels or the outer casing – Next, you want to unscrew the access panels or the outer casing for the actual unit. Be careful so as to not lose the screws, then you really will be in trouble. All you’ll need is a screwdriver usually.

Remove the top of the air conditioner – Next you’ll need to remove the top of your aircon unit, often including the actual fan itself. This is necessary to make things a lot easier for you to clean your unit.

Clean the fan and the fan blades – You should always ensure to clean the blades as much as possible, as excess dirt, dust, and grime can help reduce its efficiency. When they’re clean, apply a simple lubrication onto each one of its lubrication ports.

Remove dirt from the coils – This is perhaps the most important part of the entire process. First, you want to brush or sweep away any surface dirt with a dry brush. Then, you’ll need to clean any trapped dirt away with water, and perhaps soap too. Ensure to cover any electrical outlets, ports, or wires with plastic just to be safe.

Rinse the coils, and reassemble your unit – Rinse your soapy water from the coils of your unit, and make sure to spray the water away from the unit. Once you’re happy they’re clean, give them a quick wipe to dry them, and reassemble your unit. Job done.

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