The Top 5 Power Tools Brands

Makita Impact Screwdriver

There are plenty of different manufacturers out there of power tools, but not every manufacturer makes a good tool. There are some big brand names of which everyone is familiar, but did they make the list of being one of the Top best brands? To qualify as one of the best brands, they must make a tool that is affordable, reliable, has a good warranty, and provides value across the full line of tools that are made.

These are the 5 best brand names of power tools available today:

Is Ryobi the go-to brand when you’ve got some heavy duty work to do? Probably not. What Ryobi does extremely well, however, is give you a lightweight tool that get a lot of those standard house chores done. Because they are lightweight and easy to use, anyone can use these tools effectively – even the kids! For those mid-range tasks, it can also get the job done if you’re in a pinch. I’ve used a Ryobi grinder, for example, to grind down a protruding fence post in just a few minutes because removing it wasn’t practical.

Electric miter saw


When you’ve got a tough job to do, look toward Dewalt. These tools are more expensive then some of their competitor’s tools are, but you’ll get a heavy duty tool in return for your investment. Many of their tools can last for several years without an issue. If you are working at an industrial level, you might find that Dewalt tools can burnout after awhile, but for the typical home user of tools on a daily basis, they are definitely a good investment.


For a long time, Makita was the only brand of power tools that would be recommended by people and for good reason: they build a quality tool at a quality price. The all-in-one system that Makita developed is also one of the best home-tool for the average user that can buy. From circular saws to weedwhackers, a homeowner doesn’t have to spend several hundred per tool to get what they need.

Milwaukee Tool


Maybe a surprise addition to this list for some people, Rigid is the value brand that is offered by the retail chain Home Depot. When you use one, however, you’ll realize why it is on this list. The feel of the tools is similar to the Makita brand, the value of the tools is similar to the Ryobi brand, and the of these tools is similar to the Dewalt brand.


The standby brand for quality tools will always be Milwaukee. Built for rugged conditions, these tools can operate in subzero weather efficiently and consistently – though why you’d be out there working in that kind of cold kind of blows the mind. With cordless and corded options, you’ll get the power and durability you need for any job at any time. Best of all, warranties on Milwaukee products can be up to 5 years.

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