How To Care For Your Brick Chimney

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If your home has a brick chimney you’ve certainly got a very attractive asset for your home. Brick chimneys are attractive items that provide a rustic and character filled addition to any home. While the fronts of brick homes were being plastered over in the middle of the 20th century, the brick of the chimney was often too hard to and was left.

However, as as they are, brick chimneys do need a little care now and again to ensure they well and cause no problems for your roof. So, let’s take a look at how to care for them.

Growth and Algae

One of the biggest issues that the brick chimney faces is the presence of algae.
However, fortunately this can be quickly and easily cleaned and sorted out. Algae and other growth and items can be cleaned off with a hose and a nozzle to create a powerful setting, or better again, a power hose. This will tend to remove a lot of the visible and will prevent build up before it starts.

To ensure that you get rid of most of the problems, you should follow up with a wire brush and some soap. This will remove algae and dirt from between the brickwork. In most cases you will be able to clean your brickwork without the need for any form of specialist cleaners.

When you are cleaning the chimney area you should also check for damage to the mortar – one of the most common issues. If there are problems with the mortar, then it’s best to get a mason to take a look at it. It’s best to get professionals in as by trying to take care of it, you can cause further issues.

The chimney breast repointed.


When cleaning, it’s best to start at the top down. This allows you to push the dirt from the top of the chimney towards the bottom and will make shorter work of the whole job.

Be Safe

Remember when working on a roof or near the chimney try and stay as safe as possible by using proper access equipment. Harnesses and scaffolding are often a good idea when working from a height and will prevent the likelihood of an issue. We offer them at BestatHire. It’s often best to have a second person to help out, to for example hold the ladder as you work. This reduces the likelihood of injury and also makes the whole job a lot easier.

If you are at all feeling unsure about working near the chimney area, then it might be best to get a professional person in to help.

Rinse it clean

Of course, if you’re completed the next thing to do is rinse off the soap and residue from cleaning with water. Dried soap can cause problems and stains and will leave a residue on the brickwork. This will diminish your handiwork. When rinsing, once again do so from top to bottom.

A well-kept chimney can be a lovely feature for a home and really make your house look more attractive. So, why not use these tips to ensure yours looks great.

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a DIY and home improvement writer. He has worked in the area for a number of years

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