What To Look For In A Sofa For Your Home

A sofa for your home

When it comes to deciding on a sofa, it’s not always just as easy as it seems and there are all sorts of different variables to consider and things to think about. So, we’ve compiled a list of different things to take into account when choosing your next place to sit.


The size of the couch or sofa is very important as it impacts on a number of other things in the living room. If you have a larger living room, you may want to make it seem more filled and decide on a larger couch. Alternatively, a smaller living room may be dwarfed with a larger couch and this can cause problems.

Consider whether or not you want to place other items in the room and their size too. Coffee tables, other chairs, foot stools and other furniture can impact and need to be considered also. Rounder sofa shapes tend to take up more room but can make great focal points in the home.


The way you place the sofa in the room is also very important and can make the room seem a lot more successful to live in. Take the way you use the room into account before you decide on the orientation of the sofa. Do you want it to face the TV, or are you more prone to setting it up for chatting and wine nights. Is it used for relaxing and should you surround your soda with chairs and cushions to allow the room to be enjoyed by a larger group? You need to ask these questions before adding it.



The shape of the sofa depends on the room and also on its function. Clean L shapes for example are great for open rooms that need dividing, such as combined living and dining areas. Rounder shapes are better for gathering areas, while a traditional couch is ideal if you want to add some arm chairs and other items in there as well as its compact and versatile.


The aesthetics are so important; however functional seating is also central to success. Choose a material that’s comfortable but practical. White suede may look fantastic, but it’s hardly ideal for children. Take your uses into account and then pick a couch that fits your lifestyle – there are plenty to choose from here

Leather can be a good as it’s easy to clean and ages well, while if it’s outdoors, you should choose fabrics that are not to fade. Take use into account, as well as the practical considerations.

Your Home

The sofa should work with your home. Even though you’d like a neon pink option, it mightn’t be ideal by any means. Choose something that reflects and works with the rest of the home, or you’re going to end up with a sofa that sticks out like a sore thumb. If your home is classic, choose something more conventional. If it’s sleek and modern, pick something that reflects that too.

Picking the right sofa can take some time and effort, however with a little care and time it’s easily done and really benefits your home.

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of great furniture. He has written for a number of great sites in the past and is a lover of interior gone well.

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