Things to Consider in Shower Door Installation

Doors inside any homes can come in many types for different applications and dependent as well on the location of the doors. One type of door that needs attention is the shower door. Its name will give it away; this is the type of door that you will see inside the bathroom of any house. Though a shower door may share some general similarities with the regular door used at the front of the house, just remember that there are some distinct similarities between the two. An obvious difference is of course the location, but upon close inspection the shower door is different in a sense that this need not be constructed to be extremely tough. A shower door that can be used on any home should be made from lighter materials and should provide easy and convenient access as well to the occupants of the house.

A shower door needs a specific kind of maintenance or attention. Some of the factors to consider when making a new shower door for your home are the cost, the materials used and choosing the right fit of the shower door that will match the space of the room. The fit of the new shower room is perhaps the most important thing to consider since an ill-fitted door will make life inconvenient for you. The proper installation of the new shower door will start with the choosing of the fit and the correct size of the door in relation to the bathroom space.

In order to optimize this stage of shower door-making, it is imperative that the DIY-type of person should follow certain steps. The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the application, whether that will be a tub or a shower enclosure. It is important as well to determine the surface material that will be used. Some of the common materials used right now include the ceramic tile, marble, acrylic, glass and many other materials. If the materials that are used are the acrylic and the fiberglass, it is suggested that the model number and its manufacturer should be checked. The opening width and the heights of these materials are subject to change without notice. So it is suggested that the area should be measured out before ordering. After securing the right measurement of the material, then it’s time to determine the size of the unit.

Measurement of the location is critical for the perfect fit of the shower door. When doing the measurement of the door and the bathroom area, it’s important to exercise extreme care. To be more precise the measurements should be made to the sixteenth of an inch and measurements should be double-checked. Note as well that the measurements should not be taken just at the top and the bottom of the opening, rather measurement of the shower door should take the middle part in consideration as well. The opening should be measured as well from to corner to check the ‘square-ness’ of the door. If the surface may be out of level than 3/8 inch, then tapered filler should be used.

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