What To Look For In A Kitchen Table

Kitchen table and chairs

A kitchen table is one of the central pieces of furniture in any home. Families gather around it, people eat together and it’s also a wonderful design addition. There are also a whole host of different sorts, styles, shapes and designs of these tables around and they tend to set the tone for the room they’re placed in. So, let’s take a look at how to choose one.

Classic Contemporary

The classic style room is a fantastic and time honoured choice that works well, allows for conversation and can accommodate a wide range of different guests. Many are extendable and can be almost doubled in size on a whim, meaning they can cater for other parties.

Oval and octagonal styles are also great as they can really set off a square room and are a nice contrast in softening an area.

Alternatively, you can choose a contemporary table, we advise customers at furnitureuk.co.uk that these tend to be versatile and create more modern look and shape.

Stainless steel table with Wood

The Wood and Finish

A lot of people who decide on classic styles opt for wooden finishes for their tables. These tend to be quite classic and traditional and complement the décor, as well as look elegant. One more common style nowadays is the rustic wooden style. This gives an element of the country style and tends to be more casual than traditional finishes, but equally as if not more charming.

Modern finishes tend to also come in wood, but stainless steel, glass, chrome and other contemporary are also added. This once again all depends on taste and the rest of your room of course.

There’s also the option of solid wood or veneer to choose from, as well as a range of other materials. This is up to you and down to your price range of course. Painted and coloured stained tables are also an option and can add colour to certain bland woods.

Small steel table


Deciding on the table you need to decide on the size that fits the room. Larger rooms will take larger tables, though they make smaller rooms seem squashed. You want three feet between a table and the wall to that there’s plenty of space for people to get past -a tip from our experience at


Tables aren’t often just used for dining and many are also utilised for other factors such as dining, , homework and food preparation among other things. Decide on what else your table will be used for and then use this during the decision to choose it.


One of the things a lot of people don’t do when they are about purchasing a new dining table is, sit at it. Surely, this is the most logical thing to do, though many still don’t do it. Sit at tables to ensure they’re comfortable and offer you a foot between the chair centre and the table. Also ensure its large enough to fit all the members of your family, while is stable and large enough to also fit dishes.

Follow these tips to ensure you get the best kitchen table for your needs and add to your home.

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a foodie and a lover of home and kitchens. He has written for a number of recipe magazines and food blogs.

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