How To Turn Your Furniture Into Storage Space

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When we pick furniture for our home, we usually look for items that are comfortable and complement the house interior design. That’s all very well and good, but in these days of smaller houses, furniture should also be multi-functional. Aside from its obvious purpose, each article can be a statement of your house’s personality and a decorative piece.

Another practical function of our tables, chairs and whatnots is storage. Storage space is a perennial problem for most homeowners, and it’s not even confined to small houses alone. Hence, resourcefulness and ingenuity in picking out furniture or having them custom-made come in handy when using them as storage pieces is part of our plan.

It only takes a little imagination. Here are ideas for turning beds, tables, chairs, desks and other paraphernalia into mini warehouses that won’t make our homes look like an outlet store:



Use a trunk as a coffee table for a small room. The trunk can store books, toys, dining room linen and all the small stuff that clutter up a room. Side tables in the living room and in the bedroom can hold all kinds of items as long as they fit into it. Work desks have the obligatory drawers for pencils, pens, writing paper and notebooks.

The dining table is usually the biggest of the tables in a house. Although you can’t put too much storage space underneath because you have to make room for the legs of the seated people, you can have shallow drawers right beneath the table panel where you can store excess spoons, forks, knives and placemats.

Furniture as storage places can only hold so much. For large things like appliances, sports equipment & the like, you will need extra space. According to SYS Storage, a storage facility in Utah, a unit that is near your house is best so you can easily retrieve any item you may need to use for a particular occasion. Storage units can also hold larger items like RVs and playsets during winter.

ottoman storage


Sofas and ottomans can carry concealed storage space while providing seating . Create drawers under sofas and couches to hold a myriad of items. A storage ottoman has a removable cover or lift-up top for magazines, toys, and knick knacks that you don’t plan to display or throw away yet. In the living room or family room, ottomans are comfortable seats for watching TV or playing video games while serving as storage for remote controls, earplugs, cables and wirings of gadgets and appliances. Ottomans were used as stools or chairs but today, they are in all sizes and can function as tables as well.

The kitchen often serves as an informal dining room for many households. Having a banquette that against a wall instead of individual chairs saves a lot of space and creates extra storage space, too. You can also have a built-in one. Banquettes can be a straight bench or an L-shaped one or in a semi-circular shape. Buy or build in cabinets with doors underneath to store kitchen linen and other kitchen equipment.

under bed storage


Adult and children’s beds fitted with drawers underneath the frame are great for storing sheets, comforters, clothes and even shoes. You can have several individual drawers or one big one under the bed. For the children, bed storage is very convenient in getting rid of clutter. Stash their toys, books and coloring stuff in the storage space beneath their beds. It will give them more room to move around without stumbling over their things.

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Marisol Miller dabbles in interior design and is on the lookout for ways to create storage space especially for smaller houses.

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