4 Decorative Pieces To Take With You When Moving Abroad

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Moving to a new country is always an exciting experience. People are visiting different countries more and more these days either for study or work purposes. When you are moving to another country you don’t want to take all of your old items with you because it is often cheaper to buy new ones at the new destination.

But there are still some things you want to include in your moving out boxes. Here are four decorative pieces you want to take with you.

1. Some Quirky Kitchen Utensils

Depending on the country you live in and the country you are moving to, there might be items you use regularly that aren’t as readily available once you reach your destination.

Many of these may be kitchen items that you might eventually be able to find in the new country but only after looking for them for a long time.

Remember that you are moving to a new country and if you don’t many contacts there already you want to take things you regularly use with you. If you love your banana slicer a lot but aren’t sure if the new place is as mad about them as you are, then just take it with you.

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2. One Favourite Bedding Set

Although there generally isn’t any need to start dragging bedding sheets with you when you travel, you might want to consider slipping one set in. Especially if you space or you are sending other items a parcel service.

This is really just for sentimental value. For students moving to student halls in a different country this can also create a sense of being home in the room. This can ensure that you feel more at home in your new place especially at the start.

3. Canvas Print Of Your Family Or Old Hometown

Naturally it is essential to take your photographs with you. They are a great way to ease the feeling of homesickness and are also important for sharing your old life with the new people you meet.

If you don’t already a big canvas photo of your family or your hometown then this is something to get and take with you. A good design photo of the landscape you love the most in your home country can be a really lovely decorative item for the new locations. There are plenty of ways to get photos on canvas and many UK-based companies provide this service.

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4. Favourite Books And Cuddly Toys

You also want to take some decorative pieces that bring that some sentimental value. For instance, if you are moving with children it is important that they get to pick one or two of their favourite cuddly toys to take with them. But Design Mom points out that generally toys are something you can always get from the new place.

For adults, something like your favourite books can be a good place to start to make the new home feel like yours. Don’t try to take the whole bookshelf but pack two to three books with you when you travel.

The above items can help you feel more at home in your new country and are something you should consider taking with you. Be sensible with the items you take but if something is of a real sentimental value to you then pack it with you.

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