Why You Should Choose A Quality Clock For Your Lounge – What To Consider


Another slightly boring day at the office with a pile of paperwork to the ceiling and on your boring clock, the seconds seem to either stop or start going backwards. Or you are reading your favorite book on the couch, look up to see time it is and notice that the clock doesn’t really match the room’s mood or your mood either. Even when you come home, you get to glance at the boring and dull clock the hallway as you are shrugging off your coat and putting your keys away from a hard day at work. So you now have to decide what type of clock you want to replace that boring clock that you have.

Vintage & Retro

There are the vintage and retro clocks, the funky wall clocks, and the contemporary clocks.

A vintage or retro styled wall clock gives the room in your home or your office a relaxed look. Vintage and retro styled clocks carry a piece of history with them, a reminder of how things were in past and a comparison of how different today is from the past.

Changing the boring office clock to these types of clocks might even help in relaxing your stressed moods in the office and allow time to move forward for you. For you room in your house, these clock can be a idea in contrast with the room’s modern look or fit it with its classic look as well as the mood. Even for your hallway, a vintage or retro clock can help lighten the mood as soon as you see it – perhaps by making you remember your childhood again where in your favorite candy store, where there was a similar looking clock on the wall.

Out of Time

Get Funky

How does an Alessi Blank where you can write what you want to symbolize the different hour, sound for a funky styled clock? Well that is one of many funky wall clocks out there and one of a fine choice at Design 55. Funky clocks are there to make you smile, laugh, and have happy thoughts. If you got one for your office, you can look at it to smile at in times of extreme stress and your funky styled clock will never upset you by looking as if it is starting to rewind the seconds on a long day.


Even your office visitors may get a much needed laugh when they glance at it and have to do a double take. Your room’s mood can be brightened with a funky styled clock on a stressful day when nothing seems to go right, but your clock will still make you smile and realize that tomorrow’s another day. In your hallway, you can smile as you see your clock, changing your mood for the remained of the day.

Lastly, contemporary styled clocks give your house or office a modern look. If you have an outdated office, you can spice it out with a contemporary clock and don’t have to pay a lot of money in getting a new computer, new desk, and newer equipment. If you have a classic looking room, a contemporary clock will be great in contrast with it. And if you have a modern looking room, the contemporary clock will fit right in with your design.

For your hallway, you can come home and feel like you are transported to a new world because while you have to stare at the outdate clock at work that no one will let you change, you get to look a modern, almost futuristic looking clock at home.

It is your choice to choose what style you want. If you want to have to have nostalgia, get a vintage or retro styled clock. If you always need a good laugh, get a funky styled clock. And if you love modern, up to date things, get a contemporary styled clock.

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