What Can You Use A Multi Tool Handheld Blower For?

Handheld Blower

Oscillating multi tools can be used for so many . Grab the handheld blower attachment and you’ve now created your own leaf blower. There are so many tasks you can complete with your new , though. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks you can complete with a multi tool handheld blower.

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Blowing Leaves Away

Fall is a time where yard work starts to take on a new meaning. It’s characterized by hours spent piling up leaves and removing other debris. A handheld blower can do the job in a matter of minutes. Blow everything into a corner and let it rot away during the winter. This is the ultimate method of maximizing your efficiency.

It’s also handy for older people who live alone. They might not have the mobility to spend hours raking leaves. A handheld blower enables them to keep their lawn tidy.

Cleaning Garages

These tools are powerful. Some of the high-end oscillating power tools can quite easily get rid of heavier items. If you need to clean out the garage, use the handheld blower to get rid of the and pieces of plaster that have fallen onto the floor. It can set the garage up for a further deep clean with a mop and bucket.

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Cleaning the Gutters

The gutters need to be cleared of leaves and anything else on a regular basis. It’s a safety hazard. If you live in a part of the US that’s known for its bad weather, a pile of leaves could cause the whole thing to collapse. Guttering is designed to remove rainwater and stop it from leaking into your home.

Without a gutter, there’s a risk of water seeping through your roof and into the top levels of your house. In extreme circumstances, there’s the risk of the whole thing collapsing. It’s happened before, especially in the Mid-West where hurricanes and storms are common.

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Standing Water

Standing water is a real problem during fall and winter. It’s both a health hazard and an aesthetic problem. In the hotter states of Arizona and Nevada, standing water encourages the growth of the local mosquito population. Residents are advised to remove any sources of standing water.

Standing water also increases the risk of flooding. If you experience a bout of heavy rain, the amount of water could overrun any flood defenses and ruin parts of your home.

Handheld blowers will blow away standing water by whipping off the topmost layers and scattering it. If you need to give your lawn a drink, use the blower and blow the water over the lawn. This way you’re helping the environment by using less water, as well!

Corded and Handheld

As you likely already know, you can find handheld and corded multi tools. In the case of a blower, opt for the handheld . It’s powered by a battery instead. In an outdoor environment, where you might be climbing on top of your roof, it’s best to not have cords in the way. These can quickly become dangerous trip hazards.

Jonathan Hendricks, a successful landscape architect and a budding interior designer, penned this informative article. He enjoys blogging on home improvement and gardening related topics in his spare time. He says he finds the multi tool blades extremely important in his line of work as well as in his everyday life.

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