What Material Should I Choose For My Fireplace?


A fireplace forms the focal point of any room, placed squarely in the middle, the choice of fireplace can drastically alter the look and feel of a room regardless of the décor that surrounds it. In this guide we look at some popular choices for fireplace materials, and talk about how they may be suitable to different homes.

Marble fireplaces 

Carrera Marble

Carrera marble is a shiny, and highly polished marble that features delicate grey veins backed over a light background (usually ); because this marble is not man made, every fireplace made Carrera Marble is truly unique as we know from selling fireplaces Leeds.

Carrera marble can look relatively understated if it backs onto a white , or can be an eye catching feature if it backs onto a wall of a deep colour.

Marble and wood fireplace

Perla Marble

Perla marble is unlike carrera marble in that it is man made from various pieces of marble that are crushed together; this gives it a relatively consistent pattern and colour.

Perla Marble provides a wide choice of colours, so it is more adaptable than carrera marble; this makes it perfect for those that want the luxury of marble, but have a colour scheme that demands a certain fireplace colour.

Chiltern Jura-stone

Chiltern Jura-stone is a more understated choice for the modern home, where people don’t want the detailing and high shine of marble, Chiltern Jura-stone is the perfect choice.

Limestone fireplaces 

Portuguese limestone

Portuguese limestone is another natural material for a fireplace choice; it is in no way manufactured, in fact, this stone is cut out of the earth in whole parts. The detailing can range from fine to medium grain, which can, amongst its veining, even include fossils! This will certainly make for a conversational piece. Again, this fireplace benefits from no two ever being the same.

Fireplace fender

Aegean Limestone

Aegean Limestone is a manufactured limestone from 100% natural material; and it too benefits from the uniqueness that Portuguese limestone does. Whilst you may wish to back this against a pale wall, its light colour and delicate detailing will probably demand a darker colour wall if it isn’t to fade into the background.

Wooden fireplaces 

Wooden fireplaces Leeds are generally made from either natural timber, or a timber base that is then painted over. Because they can come in an unlimited range of colours they are far more adaptable to certain colours that the aforementioned limestone or marble fireplaces.

Where the wood is left in its natural form, you can benefit from the beautiful knots and patterns that timber features, additionally, over time, it will age further and its colour will deepen; unpainted wood tends to suit more traditional, or plain and minimalistic surrounds.

Whatever material you decide to choose for your fireplace, whether it be marble, wood, or limestone, you should bear in mind it’s future ; whilst you wouldn’t plan to your fire place any time soon, you may well find that the fireplace you choose today, will not suit the décor your choose tomorrow. 

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds has written a number of articles on home and is a lover of beautiful fireplaces and the materials used. He is a DIY person but also loves tech and the great outdoors.

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