Water Conservation: Smart Water Use In Your Yard

by Phil The Gardener

Each of us should do our part to save water. Water is necessary element in the sustenance of life. It becomes a strong issue in areas where there isn’t enough clean and sanitary water for people to drink. You have to admit we take a lot for granted

As the get shorter and they are not as intense we don’t have the evaporation by the sun like we did during the long hot summer days. Plants don’t require as much water to stay healthy.

After reading this article, take walk around your neighborhood and pay attention to the water usage of your neighbors. You’ll see there are all kinds of habits they have gotten into. Some leave their sprinkler timers set the same spring, fall, winter, and summer which means in cooler weather a lot to water is being wasted.

Your lawn and plants require less water in cooler temperatures so your sprinkler timer should be adjusted accordingly to save you lots of dollars on your water bill especially if you have meter.

You can prepare your plants to flourish without having to flood them. Some soil preparation and water management can train your plants to do well in most situations.

Cities around the country that are located in areas that don’t get enough water for your plants to live without irrigation enforce water restrictions to conserve this necessary resource.

Contact your water supplier, whether it is the local water district or your city water department to see what mandates they have set for scheduled water days. Water Day schedules most of the time, use the even number odd number, to determine what you can water.

After you’ve made the necessary adjustments to your sprinkler timer to set it for the allowed watering go through each sprinkler zone and adjust the run time for the plant material you are applying water on. Most new sprinkler timers allow you to set multiple cycles. By setting multiple cycles you can put less time on each cycle and allow the water to soak in rather than run off.

Inspect each area of your yard, as your sprinklers are running to identify the areas that have been receiving too much water it’s best for the plants that they do not get over watered. Change plugged nozzles and repair broken heads and water lines.

Hand water dry spots for new plantings instead of running that zone this will save water.

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