Things To Consider When Choosing A New Sofa

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Spring cleaning can leave you and your house feeling refreshed and shiny as new, but it can also leave you looking at pieces of furniture that may now seem a little drab or in disrepair – they may even need replacing. Or perhaps your spring cleaning has reinforced the feeling that you need to give your living room a makeover.

Well a great way to change the way your living room looks and to breathe new life in to it is to choose a new sofa, especially if the old one is looking a little dingy and worn around the edges. But what should you take in to consideration when choosing a new sofa? Well, in no particular order, here are my seven things to consider when choosing a sofa.


Colours are important, not just for the look of the room but for how well they wear with time and how well they will fit in with your lifestyle – there’s no point in buying a white sofa if you know that within 5 minutes of it being home there will be jam hand prints and doggy paw prints all over it.


Just as important as the colour is the pattern going to fit well in to your room? Do you need a block colour or will you be using the pattern in your sofa repeated through your room in subtle hints?


What type of material will suit your lifestyle best? Do you need a leather sofa that can be wiped down easily? Or a microfiber sofa that you can sink in to? What type of material will have the durability to best suit your lifestyle and stand up to everyday wear and tear? Don’t forget to question sales people in the room and ask if the material can be used with common cleaners and sprays like Scotch Guard if need be.


How long do you want this sofa to last? Is it going to be a family sofa that will endure a fair amount of rough and tumble as well as pets? Or is it going to be used more on social occasions when guests are over. Check online reviews of the brand and styles like those found at and plan accordingly.


What style of Sofa will suit you best? Do you need a high backed sofa for support? Or a larger sofa to accommodate guests and family? Maybe you need a buoyant sofa that has a lot of big square pillows so you can all join in the fun of building a pillow fort. You need to consider how your sofa will be used as well as how it will look and fit into your room.


While it may seem strange brands can count for something when it comes to sofas, while sofas from places like IKEA are cheap they are more fashion pieces and certainly aren’t built to last unlike some brands like Buoyant Sofas who have been making them for over 100 years. Sometimes you need to pay a little more in order to get lasting quality and craftsmanship!


Don’t forget to actually go and test out your sofa! Sit on it, maybe even bounce a little, lean back and sit how you usually would at home – are there any lumps or bumps? Do the cushions support you well or do you find yourself sitting oddly? Though you may be tempted to buy online go and try the sofas out in a showroom first!

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Cormac Reynolds has written for a number of sites in the home improvement area and is a lover of great homes and great design. He’s a geek and lover of the web.

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