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The trend towards working from home started a few years back. Now many people are finding it the ideal set-up, especially the women with growing children. They don’t have to deal with crying toddlers and a guilty conscience for having to leave their in a daycare center or with a babysitter. They have time to bring the kids to school and back, and incorporate housework into their schedule. Young working adults have adopted the trend, with permission from their companies, for as long as they deliver results.

Employers too, especially in the tech industry, are finding that giving their workers the option to go to the physical office or work from home makes them more efficient and productive. The flexible schedules promoted balance in their work-life and personal life. But, as in any other arrangement, there are disadvantages to working from home. Foremost of these are the distractions ever present in the home – domestic obligations, kids needing attention, friends dropping by, being assigned chores because of one’s “availability;” the list is too long.

Home office
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Why Have A Home Office?

One solution to the problem of distractions is having a home office where you can focus on your work. The home office equipment and design differ according to the type of home-based job. If your job involves working at a computer, you will need the necessary gadgets and a reliable internet connection. If you are into crafts-making and sewing for business, you must have the appropriate tools and tables. And if you tutor other people’s children, you’ll need an office that is quiet and closed to avoid interruptions.

If you are building a new house or renovating your existing one, tell your contractor or interior designer to include the home office into the plans. According to , professional services come in different structures and price ranges to meet all of budgets, so money shouldn’t be as big an issue as you think. It’s always good to consult the experts since they have the training and specialized skills for house building and decorating.

The plans for making room for a home office in the new house you’re building or into your existing residence should be done with your spouse. You can have it in the biggest room in the house and block off a small space for your office. Or you can have a small room annexed to your house or it can be in the garage.

English: Home office with computers
Home office with computers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tips For An Effective Home Office:

  1. Avoid clutter. Clutter makes you feel disorganized and blocks your mind and space, making you less productive. Every working day, at the end, clear up your desk and put things in their proper places so that you go to work the day to a clean and neat office. Put drawers and shelves for placing things away from your table.
  2. Get a chair that is ergonomically designed for you. If your work entails spending of your time seated, a chair that does not your body will give you back and arm pains, and will negatively affect your productivity. A good chair is one that supports the back, arms, legs and rear.
  3. Ensure proper lighting. Poor lighting makes you lethargic and too bright lights can tire your eyes easily. If possible have a window in your home office to allow natural light to come in. Sunlight saves on electricity cost and lifts up your spirits, putting you in a better mood to work.
  4. Personalize your office. Put a bunch of flowers and photos on the window sill or on a wall shelf. Hang art on the wall. After spending long hours working, you need a break. Then you’re ready to work again.
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Marie Miller recently transitioned from working in a traditional office to work from home. She encourages people in similar circumstances to invest in a home office.

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