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Your garden shed

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The shed is your base of operations for your back garden. It’s where you keep your tools, where you hide away the plants that aren’t quite ready for the great outdoors, and where you run to and hide when the weather suddenly takes a sharp turn for the worse. If it’s kept well organised, a shed can be your garden’s inner sanctum. Of course, it isn’t than it can turn into an explosion of shovels and bamboo canes every time you open the door. To make sure that your garden shed is the former, follow these simple tips:

Clean Your Shed

Take everything out of your shed, scrub the floors, walls and surfaces, then leave well ventilated so that it can dry properly. A clean shed stays in good condition, a shed in good condition allows you to protect your gardening equipment.

Your Lawnmower Correctly

If you walk into most garden sheds the first thing you’re going to do is trip over the lawnmower. It’s probably the biggest piece of garden equipment you have, and you’ve gone to all the trouble of mowing the lawn many people can’t be bothered to properly put it away again. But by slacking here you’re denying yourself the use of possibly a gardener’s most valuable resource. Clear a space to one side of the shed that is to kept exclusively for storing your lawnmower.

Wall Hooks

There are few things more frustrating than knowing there is something you urgently need and that the thing you need is in one of a number of drawers. The solution is not to have all your things in drawers. Instead, set up a board with a number of hooks in, so that you can hang tools, lengths of twine and wire, and any other thins you need to keep your garden looking great both out in the open and at eye level, so you can immediately see anything you need.

Sort Tools By Need

There are things you are always going to find yourself using, such as pruning shears, rakes, and shovels. Keep these within easy reach at all times. On the other hand, there are things you need, but not that often, such as the sharpener for said shears. These can be stowed slightly out of the way, but always remember where you put .

Don’t Be Afraid to Throw Things Away

The odds are your shed has already become a dumping ground for all those things that don’t quite fit in anywhere else. To keep your shed in a usable state, you need to harden your heart and be willing to throw out any of the many things in here that you don’t need.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Miscellaneous Box

No matter how dedicated you are to keeping a clean and organised shed, there will always be a few leftover things that don’t quite go anywhere but which you don’t feel able to throw out. Allow yourself a small box for miscellaneous leftovers. Just remember to sort through it whenever the box becomes .

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By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a freelancer writer who works with Lawnmowers Direct, His shed is always kept in pristine condition.

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